The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 185

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 185

Chapter 185

Corinne had an indifferent expression as she said, “I remember the doctor saying that she only has. a minor scratch and doesn’t need to be hospitalized. Aren’t you the ones who insist on staying. here?”

Sherlyn gritted her teeth angrily and pointed at her. “You’re still trying to argue…”

“Be quiet! Lilliana needs to rest now!” Marvin turned his head and glared irritably at Corinne. “You have no purpose being here, so it’s best that you leave. We wouldn’t want Lilliana waking up and getting angry again when she sees you here!”

Sherlyn had a triumphant smile on her face when her father sided with her and chased Corinne away. You think you can snatch the love and trust Dad has toward us, Corinne? Well, keep dreaming! She looked victoriously at Corinne and mouthed the words, “You deserve it!”

Corinne was not at all bothered by Sherlyn’s arrogant attitude, nor did she plan on doing as her father told her. She looked at Marvin calmly and reminded him, “Didn’t you say that you were going to do a paternity test with Sherlyn? We just so happen to be in the hospital right now, and I’d like to see the results before leaving.”

Marvin’s face soured suddenly, and he frowned. “How dare you mention the paternity test? If you hadn’t been the cause of today’s incident, Lilliana wouldn’t be lying in a hospital bed right now!”

Sherlyn seized the opportunity and said in a rage, “Do you see that, Dad? Corinne just wants to see. our whole world burn!”

At that moment, Lilliana slowly opened her eyes and woke up. She said in a weak voice, “Corinne is right, Marvin…”

Marvin immediately turned to his wife when he heard her voice. He supported her by her shoulders and asked concernedly, “Lilliana! You’re awake! Do you feel better now?”

Lilliana’s eyes were red, and she pretended to be strong as she said, “I’m fine, Marvin. Corinne’s reminder came just in time. Since we’re all in the hospital right now, you should get a paternity test with Sherlyn!”

Marvin was feeling distressed at the moment and did not doubt her at all. He then said with a look. of shame on his face, “Don’t talk about that anymore, Lilliana. There’s no need to do a paternity

test. I believe you…”

Lilliana, however, interrupted him and strained to speak, “Don’t persuade me against it, Marvin. I know that Sherlyn and I are very important to you, and that’s precisely why all your doubts about us should be completely removed. I don’t want there to be any sort of estrangement between us in the future! Just treat it as a means of clearing my name in front of Corinne…”

Marvin felt even more distressed and remorseful when he saw how considerate and aggrieved she was. He lamented the fact that he had even doubted such a good wife in the first place.

Lilliana then told Sherlyn, “Listen to your mother and bring your father to get the paternity test done. We need to get the result soonest, if possible.”

Sherlyn understood what her mother meant and nodded in agreement. However, she said


worriedly, “But… Will you be alright by yourself if Dad and I are gone?”

Lilliana forced a smile and said, “Corinne will be staying here, right? She can take care of me.”

Sherlyn glanced at Corinne and snorted, “Her? It’s a miracle she didn’t harm you, Mom! How can you expect her to take care of you?!”

Lilliana has always been good at acting like a kind person in front of Marvin, and she reprimanded. her daughter sternly. “Don’t say that about your sister, Sherlyn! We’re in a hospital right now, so it’s not like Corinne can do anything to me.”

In the end, Marvin agreed to do a paternity test under Lilliana’s insistence. Before leaving, Marvin did not forget to warn Corinne, “Take good care of your aunt here. I won’t forgive you if something happens to her when I come back!”

Corinne nodded obediently. “Don’t worry, Dad. I understand.”

Not long after Sherlyn and Marvin got out of the ward, Lilliana sat up and started laughing. maniacally, and her energy was in stark contrast to her weak mien as a patient earlier. “Cat got your tongue, Corinne? Did you think I’d be afraid of a paternity test?”


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