The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 186

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 186

Chapter 186

Corinne looked at Lilliana and frowned. “Are you sure about that?”

Lilliana laughed like a madwoman. “Did you think I’m that stupid not to know whose child I’m carrying? You made a huge mistake if you think you could use that against me, Corinne! The truth is, Sherlyn is Marvin’s daughter! Hahahahaha!”

Corinne frowned slightly as if a little annoyed. “But how? Why would Goran be willing to acknowledge another man’s daughter like she was his own?”

Lilliana’s eyes flickered when Goran was mentioned, and she glanced disdainfully at her. “That’s something a little b*tch like you don’t deserve to know! Not that it matters, anyway. Your father is going to scold you to death once the results are out! Both Sherlyn and I will get more love and pity from your father after that!”

The door of the ward was then pushed open violently, and Goran walked in with a sour expression. “It was all a lie then, Lilliana. Sherlyn isn’t my daughter at all!”

When Lilliana saw her old lover, Goran, she was stunned for a moment, and her face turned pale. Goren, why are you here?”

Goran snorted coldly in disgust. “Didn’t you send me a message saying that you got injured and wanted me to visit you? You have no idea how worried I was about you on the journey here!”

Lilliana shook her head in a panic. “I… I didn’t! When did I send you a message? Wait… My phone… Where’s my phone?” She checked her pockets for her phone as she tried to explain, and that was when she realized that she had lost her cell phone at some point in time.

As she was getting more anxious, Corinne stepped forward and handed the phone back to her. She had an obedient look on her face as she said, “It fell when you were rushed to the hospital, so f picked it up and kept it safe for you. You don’t need to thank me.”

Lilliana was taken aback for a moment as she suddenly realized, “You! You’re the one who sent the message to Goran?!”

Corinne smiled slightly. “It’s not worth mentioning at all.”

Lilliana gritted her teeth. “You…”

Goran said sarcastically, “I can’t believe I trusted a devious woman like you when you said that you had silently given birth to my daughter!”

Lilliana hurriedly explained, “Listen to me, Goran. Sherlyn, she…”

At that moment, Sherlyn and Marvin returned after their DNA samples had been taken for the paternity test. They opened the door of the ward and walked in immediately.

When Sherlyn saw Goran in the ward, she said in surprise, “Godfather? Why are you here?”

Marvin’s face turned ugly as he glared unhappily at Lilliana, who was on the hospital bed. “What is he doing here?”

Lilliana swallowed back the explanation that was meant for Goran and said to Marvin with a guilty


expression, “He, umm… He… He…”

Goran was angry after realizing that he had been deceived by Lilliana, but since he was a public figure with a reputation to protect, he avoided letting others have the chance to use any compromising information against him. A fake smile appeared on his face and he spoke in as natural a manner as possible, “Mister Marvin, right? I heard that the mother of my goddaughter was injured, so I came to visit her.”

Since Goran used to be Lilliana’s lover, Marvin was hostile toward him and grinned coldly as he said, “That’s not for you to worry. I’m perfectly capable of caring for my wife and daughter.”

Goran smiled coldly and said, “I won’t bother you then.” He then turned and opened the door to leave.

Sherlyn felt that something was not quite right about Goran’s expression, so she chased after him. right away.


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