The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 187

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 187

Chapter 187

“Godfather, there was a little misunderstanding in our family today, and my father’s temper isn’t at its best because he’s in a bad mood. Please don’t take it to heart!”

Goran stopped, looked at Sherlyn contemptuously, and no longer had the tender loving care he once had for her in the past when she said, “You worry too much, Sherlyn. Why would I be offended by your father? You should go back and be with your parents, and don’t call me ‘ godfather’ anymore.”

Sherlyn was shocked to hear that. “Does this mean you don’t want me anymore?”

Goran said coldly, “Our relationship was built on a sham. This isn’t a question of whether I want you or not. Please move aside. I have another appointment to attend.”

Sherlyn had the feeling that everything she built was crumbling in front of her, and she cautiously asked, “Then, what about my role…?”

Goran smiled. “I’ve seen some of your previous works, and your acting skills are trash. I’ll never use actresses like you in my works. Find someone else to trick!”

Sherlyn became anxious and grabbed Goran’s clothes tightly. “Don’t leave! You promised to give me the role! How can you go back on your word?”

Goran pushed her away mercilessly. “If your mother hadn’t lied to me at the beginning by saying. that you were the daughter she gave birth to behind my back, I would never have agreed to give


that role! I only did it to make it up for not being in your life! Now that I know that you’re Marvin’s biological daughter, there’s no point in you coming to me again!”

Sherlyn could never be willing to let such a useful ‘godfather’ slip past her fingers like that!

Ever since her debut, Goran’s movie was the biggest lead role that she had ever secured, and the promotional materials were going around on social media too!

Knowing she would be removed from a role, she could never be able to face anyone in the entertainment circle anymore! The more she thought about it, the more difficult it was for her to accept what was happening.

She turned around to make sure there was no one there, and she switched up her expression to plop down on her knees. She clasped Goran’s trouser legs and cried, “But I am your daughter! I really am! My mother just pretended to say those words to calm her husband! We did a paternity test before, didn’t we? Have you forgotten?”

Goran frowned, looked at his surroundings, and felt shaken because he was afraid of being seen by everyone else. “Get up! It’s unbecoming of you to kneel here!”

Sherlyn could not control herself any longer. “But you’re my real father! I won’t get up unless you accept me as your daughter!”

Goran had no choice but to say, “Okay, okay. Get up, Sherlyn! We can talk this out nicely and-”

“Goran!” A woman’s roar suddenly sounded in the hospital corridor.

Goran’s body froze when he heard the voice, and his face turned pale when he turned and saw

who it was. “Darling! Why are you in the country?”


Goran’s wife stood in front of him and pointed angrily at his face. “Well, well! You fathered a daughter behind my back, and she’s all grown up now, too! I didn’t think you’d keep it hidden for so long!”

“Darling, it’s not like that! Don’t listen to her nonsense…” Goran panicked and shook his head like a


Goran’s fear of his wife was an open secret in the circle. His first famous works were produced with the support and help of his wife and her family. In the subsequent years, his finances remained in the hands of his wife, so he did not dare to do anything behind her back.

Upon seeing the sudden development, Sherlyn felt that something was wrong and immediately stood up to try and flee.

“Stop right there, b*tch!” Goran’s wife yelled sternly.


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