The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 188

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 188

Chapter 188

Goran’s wife charged toward Sherlyn, looked at the latter’s heavy makeup, then raised her hand and slapped her across the face. “You shameless little b*tch! What were you doing grabbing my husband earlier?”

Sherlyn’s usual arrogant, high-and-mighty attitude disappeared in an instant, and she covered her face guiltily. “I… I…”

Passersby were starting to gather and watch when they heard the commotion.

Goran was afraid of making the headlines, so he hurried forward and grabbed his wife. “We’re in a hospital, darling, and there are a lot of people here! Let’s talk about it at home!”

Goran’s wife jerked her hand from his grip. “Why should I be afraid of shame if you’re not ashamed to have an affair?”

“Darling, please…”

“Don’t forget the prenuptial agreement we had when we got married! It clearly states that you will have to divorce me unequivocally if you were caught having an extra-marital affair and that all assets will be stripped of you. What else do you have to say now that you have a grown-up daughter?”

Goran waved his hands and explained, “Honey, I didn’t have an affair! She’s not my daughter! I just treated her as my goddaughter!”

Goran’s wife snorted coldly and slammed a paternity test report in his face. “How do you explain this, then?”

The color drained from Goran’s face when he saw that report. It was the same one that Lilliana brought him and Sherlyn to do!

“Darling, you….. How did you get this?”

“Hmph! You shouldn’t have done these bad deeds in the first place if you’re scared of being found out! You have a daughter who’s all grown up now, and you even made her your movie’s lead. actress! What are you trying to do? Make her homewrecker-mother your legal wife?”

“Darling… I…”

At that moment, Corinne leaned against the door frame of the ward and leisurely watched the scene unfold outside. When she sensed that things were almost coming to a head, she turned around and went back into the ward, saying, “Dad, Aunt Lilliana… I think Sherlyn’s in trouble. She’s bawling her eyes out after being slapped by a woman!”

“What?” The sickly look on Lilliana’s face disappeared in an instant, and she quickly sat up.

Marvin was worried and anxious when he heard what Corinne said. However, he began to

question if Lilliana was indeed as unwell as she earlier claimed when he saw Lilliana inadvertently expose herself in a rather healthy state.


Lilliana then realized that she nearly exposed her true condition and immediately pretended to be dizzy again as she supported her forehead weakly. “Marvin, could you help me up and bring me to see who’s bullying our daughter?”

“Hey, take it easy! Be careful!” Marvin snapped out of his senses and did not overthink things. anymore. He helped her get out of bed, and they both went out to see what happened to Sherlyn.

In the hospital corridor, Sherlyn’s hair was being yanked by Goran’s wife, and the spectacle. attracted a crowd. They all used their cell phones to take videos, and no one stepped forward to stop her.

Goran was powerless to stop his angry wife, so he merely stepped to one side and covered his hands for fear of being recognized by other people.

Upon seeing that, Lilliana yelled angrily, “Who are you, and why are you yanking my daughter’s hair? Let go of my daughter!”

Marvin, who was helping Lilliana, was just as angry when he saw his precious daughter being treated in such a manner. “How dare you beat people up in a hospital? Let go of my daughter right away, or I’ll call the police!”

Sherlyn had tears all over her face as she looked at her parents, and she pleaded for help as if she had come across a life-saving grace. “Dad! Mom! Save me…”

When Goran’s wife heard the couple’s voice, she turned to look at Lilliana and shoved Sherlyn to one side. “So you’re the mother of that b*stard child!”

Lilliana frowned and felt a little guilty at that moment. “Who are you? What right do you have to curse at me?”

“I’m Goran’s wife! You shameless b*tch! You have a husband of your own and a family, so why are you out seducing other people’s husbands? How shameless can you be?”

As soon as Lilliana heard that the woman was Goran’s wife, her confidence immediately diminished, and she apologized with a smile, “Ah! So you’re Mister Goran’s wife! You must’ve had. a misunderstanding! There are plenty of people here, so why don’t we go inside the ward and have

a chat?”

Goran’s wife had gone completely mad, and she could care less that plenty of people were there. She took out the paternity test, threw it to Lilliana, and said, “Misunderstanding? Didn’t you do this paternity test for my husband and your daughter? The test results show that they’re biologically related, and you have the gall to say that I misunderstood?”

“Huh?” Marvin was shocked as he grabbed the identification report and looked at it. His face. turned green with anger, and he pushed Lilliana away while glaring at her, demanding, “What the hell is going on, Lilliana?”

Lilliana did not bother much about Marvin, and she merely shook her head vigorously at Goran’s wife. “No, no! My daughter isn’t your husband! She’s the daughter of my husband! Ma’am, please don’t misunderstand!”

Goran’s wife was not amenable to reason. “You have the paternity test in front of you. How do you still have the decency to argue?”


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