The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 190

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 190

Chapter 190

Sherlyn and Lilliana then went back to the ward to get their belongings because they wanted to go. home as soon as possible to try and coax Marvin. As soon as they walked in, they saw Corinne sitting lazily on a chair in the ward. Her eyes were closed, apparently since she was having a very pleasant nap, and that was enough to rile up the desperate mother and daughter.

Sherlyn stepped forward to try and push Corinne, but Corinne stopped her wrist before she could do anything. Corinne grasped her wrist tight and opened her eyes wearily. “Why did you try to sneak up and attack me as soon as you entered the ward?”

Sherlyn withdrew her hand unhappily and said in a sharp voice, “You’re responsible for everything. that happened today, Corinne.”

Lilliana agreed bitterly. “Yes, it must’ve been the work of this little b*tch!”

Corinne tilted her head in confusion. “How so? What did I do? Everything that happened to the two of you today is by your own choice, was it not?”

Sherlyn gritted her teeth angrily and was about to slap Corinne when a short, polite knock was heard twice on the door.

Sherlyn and Lilliana turned around at the same time and saw Aaron-the vice president of Newmoon Group-standing at the door of the unclosed ward. One of his arms had been gracefully raised as if he had just knocked on the door.

Sherlyn’s expression changed immediately, and she smiled in a gentle, polite manner. “Oh! Mister Aaron! Why are you here?”

There was a cold and sarcastic smile on Aaron’s lips. “Your assistant told me that you’re here.”

‘My assistant? Isn’t Corinne my assistant? Does Corinne and Mister Aaron have a private relationship? All of a sudden, Sherlyn remembered the time Aaron confessed to Corinne that he had fallen in love with her at first sight. ‘Did Corinne already agree to date him?’ With all those thoughts floating around in her head, her heart immediately went mad with jealousy as she asked tentatively, “So, are you here for…”

Aaron finished her sentence. “You, Miss Sherlyn. I’m here for you.”

As soon as Sherlyn heard this, she immediately regained a bit of her confidence and shot Corinne a dark glare before saying triumphantly, “I’m guessing you’re looking for me regarding the endorsement? Not to worry, Mister Aaron, I’ll fully cooperate with any request that Newmoon Group asks of me!”

Aaron walked in and said with a smile, “I’m very happy to hear that, Miss Sherlyn. This is the endorsement contract you signed with our company yesterday, and we’re now requesting to terminate the contract. Sign here, please.”

He then handed the contract termination agreement to Sherlyn.

The smile on Sherlyn’s face froze, and her expression changed. “The company is terminating my contract? I don’t understand, Mister Aaron. Why is the contract going to be terminated when we just signed it less than a day ago?”

“Haven’t you seen the news that’s trending online? Your scandals are now topping the trending searches, and you’ve been rated as a poor and unethical celebrity. Our endorsement contract clearly stipulates that the person whom we have selected for the endorsement must maintain. their reputation, and the artist will be solely responsible for any consequences resulting from their scandals. Our company has the right to propose an unconditional termination of the contract.”

‘Scandal?’ Sherlyn was dumbfounded, and she immediately took out her phone to check. Her face turned ugly as she saw the most popular hashtags.




When Sherlyn clicked on all of them, it brought her to several short videos taken by passersby earlier, though the faces of Goran and his wife in the video had been blurred. It was clear that Goran used his ties to remove himself and his wife from the occasion, but he could not care less. about what the rumors would do to Sherlyn!


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