The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 191

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 191

Chapter 191

The truth of the matter, however, was vastly unlike that which was portrayed by the trending.


Sherlyn was furious because she used to be the one giving out orders to rile public perception against certain people, and she felt unjust that it somehow became her turn to be slandered.

“Mister Aaron, the trending searches aren’t true! Please believe me…” she hastily tried to explain.

Aaron, however, was unmoved and said in a professional manner, “The problem now is not whether I believe you, Miss Sherlyn, but whether or not the public believes you. If you do not agree. to a peaceful termination of the contract, we can proceed with the legal procedures too. However, I should remind you that the compensation you would have to pay for losing the case. would be much, much higher.”

Sherlyn was at a loss. She knew she could not win against Newmoon Group in the lawsuit, and she eventually decided to compromise. “Okay. I’ll sign the termination agreement…”

Just like that, Sherlyn signed the agreement to terminate the contract.

Lilliana watched from the sidelines and felt sorry for her daughter. It would be difficult for Sherlyn. to bounce back in the future after her fortunes took a steep dive due to the loss of both the lead role in Goran’s film and the ambassadorial endorsement role in Newmoon Group.

Aaron accepted the contract with satisfaction and glanced subtly at Corinne, who nodded imperceptibly. Aaron understood her gesture at once and turned to leave.

Since Sherlyn had borne the brunt of anger from someone she could not offend, she decided to vent her anger on Corinne.

“Corinne, I’m now officially announcing that I’m firing you! You are to return the advance salary to me right now.”

Corinne could not be happier. “Okay.”

She took out her cell phone to scan the code from Sherlyn’s banking app, but Sherlyn frowned unhappily when she saw the amount. “Why is it only seven hundred and fifty? I paid you a one- thousand-and-five-hundred-dollar advance!”

Corinne replied, “The workload I’ve been given in the past few days is far greater than the normal workload, and you’re lucky that I’m kind enough to return half.”

Sherlyn rolled her eyes. “Where did you get the nerve to take half your salary when you’ve only just worked a few days? You think too highly of yourself!”

Corinne smiled faintly. “I’m not a famous person, but most people can’t afford to hire me. Since we’re sisters, you can consider that price a family discount.”

Sherlyn laughed. “You think this is some sort of super difficult job? You’re just an assistant, and under normal circumstances, I can hire three people to serve me at the same time with the money I’m paying you. Why are you even trying to argue with me?!”

“Is that so? Judging from how notorious you’ve become, are you sure anyone is willing to be your assistant?”

“Some nerve you have to say that, Corinne! You have no right looking down on me, even if I’ve fallen from grace for now!

Corinne got up, stretched her body a little, and said, “Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean to look down on you at all. You’re not even worth being looked down on in my opinion.

Sherlyn exploded in a rage, “How dare you…”

Lilliana, being the oldest and more experienced of the three, was rather sensible, and she came. over to persuade Sherlyn “That’s enough, Sherlyn Let’s go home and try to persuade our dad We’ll have lots of time to deal with this little b*tch in the future

Corinne ignored them as she yawned lazily and left the ward

While waiting for the elevator, she casually donated to charity the 750 dollars she withheld from Sherlyn.

Though she needed money, she did not want what came out of Sherlyn’s pocket. She only did that because she could not let Sherlyn push her around for those few days without paying the price.

It would be better to teach Sherlyn a lesson so she would not provoke her again.

The elevator door soon opened, and out came Tommy, who looked respectfully at her and said, ” I’ve been tasked to pick you up, ma’am.”


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