The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 194

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 194

Chapter 194

“Honeymoon?’ Jeremy narrowed his eyes subtly. He never once considered that his marriage to Corinne would require a honeymoon.

Sunny muttered discontentedly on one side, “You’re overthinking things! Jeremy and Corinne

won’t last long anyway, so there’s no need for a honeymoon! He’ll be going on a honeymoon with my sister in the future, anyway.”

“You don’t understand a thing at all!” Zeke had a sly look as he raised his eyebrows to look at his brooding friend on the office chair. “So. Are you going. Jeremy?”

Jeremy flipped to another page of the document and said while reading it, “She’s tired today, so we won’t be going over today. I’ll bring her along and meet up with you guys early tomorrow. morning

Zeke snapped his fingers and said, “It’s settled, then!”

He then gracefully placed his hands into his pockets and turned to leave.

When he saw Sunny standing still, Zeke paused and raised his hand to pat the young man on the shoulder. “What are you still doing here. Sunny? Come with me to the ranch!”

Sunny was eager to follow him, but he had a bit of a frustrated expression and hesitated for a moment before asking. “Can you call my brother and talk about it? I’m worried he won’t let me go.

Zeke chuckled and teased. “How old are you? Why are you still so afraid of your brother?”

Sunny had a helpless expression. “You know my brother! He’s inhumane and much stricter than. my father..

“Fine I’ll call Lucas later and help intercede for you!”

“Thanks! Brother Zeke, if you can convince my brother to let me go horseback riding, I’ll treat you to a whole roasted lamb when I get to the ranch!”

Later that evening in the Holdens’ estate, Corinne woke up hungry after sleeping all afternoon, so she went to the kitchen to cook herself some instant mac and cheese

There are quite a few servants in the household, but Bowen was the only one who was slightly. more respectful to Corinne By contrast, most of the others sided with Francine and were thus hostile to her. Everyone generally ignored the presence of the young lady whom Jeremy married. in a hurry, especially since Jeremy rarely came back to spend the night after getting married to her.

Therefore, none of the servants in the family took Corinne seriously when Pamela left, and no one would take the trouble of making dinner for her if Jeremy did not return.

Corinne did not mind that too much, though. She never regarded herself as a member of the Holdens anyway, so she did not really care about the servants’ attitude toward her. Having gotten used to relying on herself to eat and drink since she was a child, she had no problems making

food to her taste whenever she got hungry.

When Jeremy came back, he saw her all alone in the kitchen, with neither the servants nor the butler around her. His eyes darkened slightly, and he walked to the kitchen door to ask, “What are you doing?”

Corinne was grating some cheese when she was startled by Jeremy’s voice. She turned around to look at him and said, “Mister! You’re back! I’m cooking some mac and cheese now. Would you like. some?”

She was wearing a plain apron, the straps of which were tied into a bow shape at the back. The rather tight manner in which the knot was tied made her waist look much thinner and easier to grasp.

Jeremy’s eyes became luminous, and his throat felt a little dry. He narrowed his eyes and saw that she was preparing some food on the chopping board, so he nodded and said softly, “I don’t mind. trying some.”

Corinne thought that he would reject it in disgust, but when she heard him say that he was open to trying it, she curled her lips secretly and said, “Then how about you wait in the dining hall? It’ll be done in ten minutes!”

Jeremy did not answer her but instead turned around and put down everything he was holding. He then took off his suit jacket, threw it on the sofa, and went back to the kitchen.

He had an insipid look on his face as he slowly rolled up the cuffs of his sleeve and asked her in at monotonous voice, “Anything I can do to help?”


Corinne raised her head and blinked her eyes at him. She was a little surprised that a pampered man like him would offer to ask for help. After thinking about his offer, she said, “In that case, about you take two strips of bacon and chop them up into small, thin pieces?”

Jeremy answered with a grunt and asked, “Where’s the bacon?”

Corinne’s lips twitched. “Isn’t this your home? Don’t you know where the bacon is?”

Jeremy cocked his eyebrows and said, ‘Do you think I’ll go around checking all the foodstuff in the kitchen when I don’t have anything better to do?”

Corinne laughed dryly. “The bacon is in the second lowest drawer of the refrigerator.


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