The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 196

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 196

Chapter 196

Jeremy drew out a piece of tissue and passed it to Corinne. He later then lectured her helplessly and strictly like he was her parent. “Slow down. No one is going to take the food from you.”

It took Corinne a hard time to bite and swallow the meat in her mouth. She accepted the tissue, wiped her mouth, and looked to the side embarrassingly so she did not need to look at him. Mister, can you stop talking about last night?”

“Why?” Jeremy raised his eyebrows, and his eyes were teasing her. “Is Miss Corinne feeling shy?” Corinne’s mouth twitched and said angrily, “I’m not shy! I just find it unbearable to recall!”

Unbearable to recall?

Jeremy’s eyes looked sullen as he stared at her for two seconds before curling the corner of his lips and teasing her. “Oh, come on, you sacrificed your body just to save someone’s life and have done a good deed! It should be very memorable for you.”

It sounded so lame and awkward that Corinne’s cheeks blushed like a red rose, and her wavering embarrassingly.

eyes were

‘He’s teasing me! What a heartless man! I wouldn’t have done that…. if his life wasn’t in danger!’ she thought.

She felt so abashed that her face scrunched up, and the redness even reached her ears. She was so shy that she did not have the appetite to finish the noodles she cooked.

Jeremy curled up his lips and stopped teasing her. He said seriously. “Do you have anything on your schedule tomorrow? If you have nothing, then go to Castle Horse Ranch with me.”

As the topic changed, Corinne finally had the courage to look at him. She frowned curiously.” Castle Horse Ranch? Do I have to go?”

Jeremy could tell she was reluctant to go by the look on her face. “Is there something you need to do tomorrow?”

Corinne shook her head. “No, but I don’t feel like going out.”

Jeremy said in a deep voice, “Then you’re coming with me. All you do is sleep if you stay at home.” “What the heck? He’s not asking me but informing me! Ugh! Forget about it. I have to cooperate with him during our contract period! Corinne thought.

She sighed. “Mister, is it time for me to act with you?”

Jeremy narrowed his eyes. “Is acting the one thing in your brain now?”

Corinne lowered her head to continue eating her noodle and sneered sarcastically. Then why did you ask me to go with you? Or are you planning to make us a real couple and go on a date with me?”

‘Date? She sure knows how to pick her words, Jeremy thought.

Jeremy remained cool, picked up the glass of water, and drank the water calmly. “Haven’t we

done what a real couple should do?”

Corinne choked upon hearing that. “Ack! Y-You mentioned that again!”

No matter how bold she was, her skin was not as thick as the old man’s skin. It was not long ago. since the blush on her face dissipated, but hearing his words once more made her face redden like a monkey’s butt.

Jeremy looked nervous when Corinne choked herself. He thus neared and patted her back in fear that the food was stuck in her throat.

“Okay, I won’t say it anymore. Get up early tomorrow morning. I’m bringing you out to have fun.”

‘He’s bringing me out to have fun?” Corinne was dumbstruck and wondered if her ears were playing with her. ‘What a weirdo!!

“Alright. I hear you!” After her quick response, she continued enjoying her noodles and stopped talking with him. The thought that Jeremy could once more bring up what happened last night haunted her.

‘Huh! Man… she thought.

After finishing her noodles, Corinne went back to the room.

Jeremy went to the study to work, and when he was finished, it was late at night.

As he returned to the room to rest, he discovered the bedroom door was locked.

That little rascal had some nerve, locking him outside!

The blue veins on Jeremy’s forehead popped out, He could actually get the keys from the butler. Then again, he gave up that thought after thinking for a while.


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