The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 200

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 200

Chapter 200

The scream startled everyone.

“What was that?”

“Did something happen in the changing room?”

“I think that’s Rosie’s voice!”

Corinne and Annie heard it, too. They exchanged looks with each other in surprise and shook their heads, showing how baffled they both were. After all, they did not notice anything weird about Rosie when they left the changing room.

Thus, all of them rushed to the changing room to check out what happened.

In the room, Rosie looked in pain as she sat on the bench with sweat all over her forehead. She looked so hurt that she began to turn pale.

Everyone saw how tormented she looked.

Sunny approached and asked, “Rosie, what’s wrong?”

Zeke stood in front of her and asked softly, “Rosie, did something happen?”

Rosie looked up and said in a trembling voice, “My my leg…”

What was wrong with her leg?

As she said that, everyone looked over at her leg.

She was only wearing one of the boots, and her free foot was outstretched as if she was enduring severe pain.

“My legs were sweating, so I thought of changing to a new pair of boots before I go out. But when I changed, something in the boot pierced into my foot. It hurts so bad…” Rosie explained to them as she endured the pain.

Hearing this, Sunny quickly squatted to check her foot. “There is something pierced into her foot. I think it looks like a nail. What should I do?”

By this time, Zeke showed the serious side of him and said solemnly, “Don’t worry. There’s a doctor on standby in the horse ranch. I’m going to ask the staff to inform him.”

Sunny consoled, “Rosie, bear for just a while longer. The doctor will be here to treat your wound.


Rosie nodded as tears brimmed in her eyes.

On the far side, Annie thought something was weird. She pulled Corinne’s hand and whispered into Corinne’s ear. “Hey, Corinne. Isn’t that the pair of boots you tried on just now? Why is there a nail inside?”

Corinne merely looked at Rosie silently, narrowing her eyes.

The doctor came as soon as possible and examined Rosie’s foot. After that, he took out a pair of forceps from his medical aid box and quickly grasped the nail out of Rosie’s foot. Subsequently, he sanitized the wound and wrapped the wound with a bandage.

During the process, Rosie was in tremendous pain and her tears wet her face, all while Sunny let her grab his arm tightly as she braced herself.

Once he was done, the doctor advised, “Alright, Miss Rosie, I’ve taken the nail out. Remember to not let your foot come in contact with any water to avoid infection.”

Rosie felt like she had experienced a tormented process and said to Sunny with a weakened voice, “Sunny, it still hurts. Can you ask the doctor to prescribe some painkillers for me?”

It broke Sunny’s heart to see how agonized Rosie was. Sympathetic and provoked, he frowned and questioned the doctor, “What the hell is wrong with the horse ranch? How did the nail fall into a customer’s boots in the changing room?”

The doctor explained innocently, “Umm… Mister Sunny, the nail doesn’t belong to the horse ranch. Also, it was an ear stud that pierced into Miss Rosie’s foot. We don’t have any female employees working in the horse ranch, so the ear stud isn’t from any of our employees.”

The doctor took out the ear stud for them to see to prove the establishment was innocent. It was a diamond ear stud.


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