The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 202

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 202

Chapter 202

Obviously, Rosie was hoping Jeremy would take her side and aid her.

Zeke and the others looked at Jeremy and wondered how he would handle the contradiction between his wife and a friend.

No one could tell what he was feeling as he did not portray any obvious expression on his face. He said in a deep voice, “Yes. I know you’d never accuse anyone without any reason.”

With that being said, it showed Jeremy was on Rosie’s side.

Corinne felt disheartened hearing that. She looked down and stretched her mouth into a sarcastic smile. No one was on her side, and it would not be a surprise if no one here believed in her.

Over the period she cooperated with Jeremy, they had been through a lot. Heck, they even slept together. It was just… disheartening when the man she sacrificed her body to save took the other person’s side without thinking about it.

Trust was the hardest thing to gain in this world.

Everyone gazed at Corinne as if they had their own interpretation of the incident. Some of them. questioned if she truly did it, while some believed what Rosie said.

Rosie lived for the moment. A hint of glee flashed through her eyes briefly, but she remained

rooted in her victim facade. “Jeremy, I’m thankful you believe in me. Otherwise, I really don’t know how to describe how sad and wronged I feel now.

Annie, on the other hand, stood out and said, “You’re a bad man, Uncle Jeremy! I trust Corinne!”

She quickly added persistently, “Rosie, you can’t just accuse anyone without any evidence. I was there when you gave the boots to Corinne to try on, and I didn’t see her putting an ear stud into your boots. After she tried it on, she immediately took it off and gave it back to you. I saw everything!”

It did not surprise Rosie when Annie took Corinne’s side. She sighed helplessly and said earnestly,” Annie, you’re too naive. If someone had the intention to do bad things, she would avoid having others see her do it. And you also saw Corinne was the only one who touched my boots. Nothing happened to her when she wore them, but why was there an ear stud in the boot when I wore it? No one else touched them in that period. Isn’t the culprit of this incident obvious enough?”

Annie snorted. “That doesn’t mean Corinne put the ear stud into your boots. She didn’t wear any ear studs today. If you put it that way, maybe you’re the one who put the ear stud in!”

Rosie’s eyes flashed. She paused for a while and said innocently, “Annie, how can you accuse me of that? Why would I want to hurt myself by putting the ear stud in?”

Annie rolled her eyes. “How the heck do I know what you were thinking? When you lost your watch the other time, you and Sunny accused Corinne without any evidence, too!”

Sunny frowned. He wanted to fight back, but after a slight hesitation, he decided against it.

Rosie was at a loss for words. Since Annie was Jeremy’s niece, she knew better than to offend her. Thus, she decided to stop arguing with Annie and looked at Jeremy. She sighed and


pretended to compromise. “Nevermind, Jeremy. I’m not actually asking for anything from Corinne; I’m just seeking justice. Tell Corinne to apologize to me, and we can turn over a new leaf. I don’t want this incident to affect our friendship.”

Annie was displeased. “Why should Corinne apologize to you? She didn’t-”

Before Annie could finish, a large, heavy hand was placed on her shoulder.

Jeremy pushed her to the back and stopped her from continuing.

He took a step closer and looked at Rosie aloofly. “You want justice, you say? Who is going to give my wife her justice?”

Rosie was stunned. “Jeremy… What are you talking about? Are you suspecting me?”

“I’m not suspecting nobody,” said Jeremy with an indifferent expression. He was not angry, but he displayed his dominance. “My wife isn’t the type who’d harm others without benefiting herself.”


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