The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 204

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 204

Chapter 204

Jeremy replied instantly, “She doesn’t need to prove anything to you.”

Rosie felt incredulous hearing this. “Jeremy, what has gotten into you? You’re not this kind of guy! It isn’t too long since you two are married, and you’re allowing her to blind you from the truth?”

Jeremy ignored her and turned, intending to lead Corinne out.

However, Corinne pulled her hand out from Jeremy’s hand and turned to face Rosie. “If I can prove that ear stud isn’t mine, are you going to apologize to me?”

Rosie was stunned for a while before earnestly saying, “I will apologize to you if you can prove the ear stud isn’t yours.”

Corinne raised her brow. “That’s not enough. If I can prove it, you have to pay for everyone’s expenses today. Surely an apology won’t be enough after you tried to accuse someone without any reason.

At first, Rosie thought Corinne was going to make her suffer. When she knew all she needed to do was pay for everyone’s expenses for the day, she scorned Corinne mentally.

This was probably the most serious punishment Corinne could think of, but this was nothing for Rosie because she came from a wealthy family.

Most importantly, she did not think Corinne was able to prove anything. It was certainly difficult for anyone to prove they were innocent, especially when they were not the ones who did it. There was no surveillance camera in the changing room, so Rosie was all too curious to see how Corinne was going to prove herself innocent.

Rosie thus nodded confidently, “Alright. I agree with that.”

Jeremy turned and looked at Corinne with a straight face, but his eyes betrayed him. He was, in fact, piqued and wondering how Corinne would pull that off.

Zeke and the others also stopped walking and continued to enjoy the show.

Corinne approached Rosie and stretched out her hand. “Where’s the ear stud that pierced into your sole? Give it to me.”

Rosie hesitated and asked the doctor to give Corinne the ear stud.

Corinne accepted it and wore the ear stub on her ear lobe in front of everyone.

Rosie chuckled, puzzled as to what Corinne was trying to prove. “The ear stud looks good on you. It suits you very nicely.”

She was not complimenting Corinne sincerely, of course. She was implying that the ear stud was hers.

Nevertheless, Corinne did not panic and said, “Miss Rosie, can you take a look at my ear? Is it swollen?”

Dubiously, Rosie looked closely and discovered…Corinne’s ear was indeed swelling.

It was just a few seconds since Corinne put on the ear stud, yet her ear turned swollen and reddened. The area near the ear stud had turned purple as if it was poisoned. The symptoms looked very serious.

What happened?

Corinne, unable to withstand the burning sensation, quickly took off the ear stud from her ear. There were rashes on her hand that were in contact with the ear stud. Same as her ear, her hand was turning purple, too.

“I’ve been allergic to silver since I was a kid. My skin would turn red and purple and have an allergic reaction if I touch anything made out of silver. Normally, this kind of ear stud is made out of silver, so I can say with confidence this ear stud isn’t mine.”

Corinne handed the ear stud back to the doctor and scratched her irritated hand.

Rosie never expected to have things turn out this way. Her expression froze. “I…”

“Miss Rosie,” said Corinne, “you can apologize to me now.”

Up until this point, Rosie looked extremely flustered and could not say anything to defend herself. If she refused to apologize, it would make her look bad.


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