The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 206

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 206

Chapter 206

For the next couple of minutes, Sunny told Rosie how Corinne saved him at Lunar Century Manor. Still, Rosie could not understand Sunny’s new sentiment toward Corinne.

“So you’re saying you’re betraying me because Corinne won a game for you?”

Sunny shook his head. “Of course I won’t betray you. I just think Corinne isn’t a bad person after all

“Sunny, you’ve disappointed me.” Rosie stood up and limped her way out of the room.

Sunny furrowed his eyebrows and remained rooted, his mind torn by the conflicted thoughts

about the situation.

Under the parasol.

Corinne was forced to sit on Jeremy’s lap while he applied antiallergic cream to her skin. Meanwhile, the anxious-looking doctor stood by, his body slightly slouching with a bottle of medicine in his hand.

Jeremy’s slender, calloused fingers were holding a medical cotton swab. He dipped into the antiallergic cream and applied it on Corinne’s purplish earlobe. After that, he grabbed her hand. and applied the cream to the rashes on her palm.

It tickled her slightly, and she instinctively wanted to pull her hand back when Jeremy said sternly,

Don’t move.”

Corinne reluctantly relented. Jeremy meant well and did it for her good. If she insisted on rejecting him, it would look like she was taking good for evil.

In fact, she could not reject him either. Jeremy was so strong that he was grasping her tightly, and she could not even struggle. Without a choice, she endured the ticklish feeling and allowed. Jeremy to apply the cream to her palm.

After that, he took the antiallergic medicine from the doctor and brought it in front of her while holding another glass of water with his other hand.

Corinne frowned. “I don’t want to take the medicine. The rashes will disappear after two days.”

Jeremy furrowed his eyebrows and said sternly, “Be a good girl.”

Never in Corinne’s life had someone been this domineering to her, and she hated this. Angrily, she took the pills, popped them into her mouth, and drank a mouthful of water to flush the medicines down her throat. Jeremy finally let her go afterward.

The horse ranch had prepared a simple breakfast for them.

The famished Corinne quickly sat on the chair and was about to take a bowl of soup, but a large hand grabbed the bowl from her before she could even hold it.

She glowered at Jeremy when he took away the bowl of soup. Just as she was going to argue

with him, however, he scooped a spoonful of soup and blew it cool before bringing it to her lips.

Corinne was stunned. Her lips twitched. “Mister, my hand is only irritated, not broken.”

Jeremy disregarded this and said, “Open your mouth.”

Corinne’s skin crawled at the gesture. “Mister, I can eat by myself!”

“There’s antiallergic cream on your hand, and you’re going to smudge it if you eat by yourself!”

She fell speechless.

Her negotiation failed!

‘Fine!’ she grumbled internally. If she was not that hungry, she would have never succumbed and allowed Jeremy to feed her.

Helplessly, she opened her mouth and ate the soup Jeremy fed her.

Subsequently, Jeremy fed her one spoon after another patiently.

Annie was enjoying the show as she exclaimed, “Oh my god! Is he my Uncle Jeremy? He’s helping Corinne eat just because her hand has an allergic reaction!”

Corinne was already feeling off-put from the start, and hearing Anie’s words only worsened her mood and she found it difficult to swallow the soup.

Annie got close to Corinne and looked at her admiringly. “Corinne, you turned this fool of a man into a caring husband! How did you do it? Teach me!”

A caring husband? Corinne furrowed her brow and looked at the stern-looking man.

‘Hmph… He’s not caring at all!’ she thought.

Since Corinne was too shy to open her mouth to continue to let Jeremy feed her, he furrowed his eyebrows and gave Annie a cold glare. “Have you eaten your breakfast?”


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