The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 208

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 208

Chapter 208

Corinne was startled by Sunny’s behavior, but she folded her arms and looked at Sunny contemptuously. “What’s the meaning of this, Mister Sunny? What do you think you’re trying to do?”

Sunny blushed as he tried to muster the courage to say something that seemed to be difficult. Having a youthful spirit and a determined expression, he finally got with it. “Corinne, I’ll be pursuing you!”

That did not startle Corinne as she remained calm. In a bored manner, she examined him from top. to bottom as she raised her eyebrows. “Are you an adult?”

Sunny raised his chin proudly. “I’m going to be eighteen years old in six months!”

Corinne yawned lazily. “Come find me only when you’re an adult.”

She then turned to leave. Obviously, this topic was not interesting enough for her to continue.

However, Sunny used his arms to stop her from leaving. With a stern expression, he said solemnly, “Corinne, please leave Jeremy alone, and give him back to my sister. You can be with me if you like rich guys. I’m the same. My family has enough money to satisfy you.”

Since Corinne could not get away, she leaned on the tree lazily and looked at the silly teenager in front of her with a smile. “Be with you, a boy whose brother could suspend his card at will? What can I get from you if I’m with you? A son?”

Sunny was flustered to hear this, but there was nothing he could say about that because it was the truth. He snorted. “I’m not a kid; you’re just a few years older than me! After I have control over my finances, I can give you lots of money!”

At that moment, Corinne felt like she was looking at a silly boy giving her a promise as if it was nothing important.

She pushed Sunny’s hand away. “Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t have the time to wait for you to grow up. We’re not a good match.”

She thus walked away, no longer being stopped.

However, Sunny did not cave in as he insisted, “Corinne Carew, I don’t care! You can’t be with Jeremy. He’s meant to be with my sister!”

Sunny’s ultimate motive was revealed. He wanted to remove obstacles to Jeremy for his sister.

However, he had no idea Corinne was not a rival to her sister. Her relationship with Jeremy was something planned, and they would separate when the term was up.

As she thought of that, she remembered what Jeremy said to her.

‘Let’s not break up.’

He said it so relaxedly and…peculiarly, too.

Before this, Jeremy mentioned more than once that he had no interest in her and that he could give her everything except his love. Obviously, he was not hoping to develop any feelings for her during their collaboration, so what did he mean when he said he did not want to break up?

Men-what fickle human beings!

Corinne stopped and remained quiet for two seconds. She then spoke calmly, “You think too much. Jeremy isn’t mine, and I don’t have to give him back to your sister. If you have the time to worry about this, why don’t you use the time wisely to finish your homework?”

Sunny frowned and said angrily, “Hey, don’t look down on me! And I finished my homework!”

“Then just go and have fun somewhere else!” Corinne could not bother to waste her time with him.

and left.

Still, Sunny continued to follow her and nagged. “I don’t care. I’m going to pursue you from today onward. Just wait and see how I’m going to make you fall in love with me!”

Corinne looked back with a smile. “You really want to date me? Why don’t you get into a prestigious university? I have no interest in brainless men; it’s a concern of mine that it’ll affect my kids’ intelligence.”

She pointed at her temple as if she scorned Sunny’s intelligence.

Sunny felt out of breath in rage. “What are you implying. Corinne Carew!? I’m very smart!”

Corinne ignored him and walked away, humming a tune as she did.

Sunny stood still as he balled his fists tightly, his face contorting in displeasure.

‘Hmph! What’s so difficult about getting into a prestigious university? Corinne Carew, just wait!’

When Corinne returned, Jeremy was chatting with Zeke and the others under the parasol. Frankly speaking, she was reluctant to go over there.

After all, Zeke had a bad mouth, and she could foresee him making fun of her and Jeremy.


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