The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 209

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 209

Chapter 209

Alas, Jeremy spotted Corinne from afar, and she would have a difficult time explaining herself to him if she did not go to him.

Corinne sighed and walked toward him nonetheless. “Mister, I’m back.”

Jeremy had a cup of coffee in his hand, and he brought it to his lips and took a sip. “What did you guys talk about?”

Corinne shook her head in a bored manner. “Nothing, just trivial things. Nothing worth mentioning.” Jeremy furrowed his eyebrows. It struck him to find out Corinne was just entertaining him when she said she was going to tell him everything when she returned to him.

Zeke smiled and patted the chair next to him, saying, “Corinne, come sit and chat with us!”

Corinne glanced at Zeke and was reluctant to chat with him. She knew he was going to make fun

of her.

At that moment, Annie ran over and said, “Corinne! Corinne! Come. I’m going to bring you to pick a horse, and we’ll have a little race when it’s not as hot. It’s going to be very hot during the afternoon!

Corinne looked at Annie, then at Jeremy to get his permission. “Mister, can I go?”

Although she was never an obedient person, Jeremy was the one who brought her here today, so she knew she had to act like they were a married couple. The script called for her to ask for his permission.

She could only go when Jeremy allowed her.

Jeremy was displeased when Corinne did not tell him in detail what she and Sunny talked about, but hearing Corinne asking his permission soothed him slightly.

He looked at her affectionately, like a guardian would, and nodded, saying, “Go have fun.”

“Thanks!” Corinne smiled and ran off with Annie to head to the horse pen to pick a horse.

Jeremy drank his coffee as he watched Corinne walk away. Even minutes later, his gaze remained in the direction she took off.

“I think you’re becoming more loving nowadays, Jeremy. What’s wrong? Did your wife manage to tame you well?” teased Zeke.

Jeremy shot him a cold glare. “Do you have an issue with it?”

Zeke shrugged. ‘No. I’m just curious what kind of magic your wife possesses to have been able to take you down.”

With an Indifferent expression, he stared at him warningly. ‘It’s better not to be curious about. someone else’s wife.”

Gerald said, “What he needs is a woman that can knock him out!”

Zeke crossed his legs and said, “Gerald, don’t do others what you wouldn’t have them do to you.

Don’t curse me just because a woman once did that to you!”

Gerald’s expression darkened. “Do you want to die?”

Jason stood up and smiled. “Alright, let’s not just sit around. Let’s go riding! And how about a little competition to spice it up?”

Zeke leaned back on the chair and said, “Go ahead. It’s too hot!”

Jason smiled helplessly. “Come on. You’re the organizer, and you’re not going to participate? You’re a man. Why are you afraid of the sun?”

Gerald sneered “He’s a sissy, don’t you know that?”

Zeke exclaimed, “Hey, why are you scolding me?!”

There were more than a hundred horses in the horse pen.

Corinne set her eyes on a white horse with a black dot on its forehead with one look. As shel

walked to the horse to bring it out, a voice rang.

“You can’t handle that horse. It’s better for you to change to another horse now!”

It was Rosie’s voice.


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