The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 212

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 212

Chapter 212

Annie frowned. “But…”

Corinne was already leading the horse out. “Let’s go. I’m about to give it a try.”

Annie’s worry remained rooted. “Do you want to rethink your decision, Corinne? This horse is really difficult!”

Corinne smiled. “No thanks. I just know that this horse clicks

with me.”

“Okay. You must be careful when you ride it later, though!”

“Of course,” Corinne assured.

Rosie led the horse and followed the two of them as she stared at Corinne’s rear figure with disdain. ‘Clicks with you, huh? You’re going to be thrown off its back later, you overconfident country girl!’

In reality, Rosie’s feet did not hurt at all, and she was merely pretending to limp just to synchronize with the charade she put on earlier.

Sunny rode a chestnut-colored horse over to look for them. As soon as he saw the white horse that Corinne was holding, he

was startled at first and frowned right away.

“You brought Moonshine out?”

‘Moonshine? Why would such a handsome horse have such an

adorable name?’ Corinne wondered. She raised her hand and

caressed Moonshine’s mane. “Why? Am I not allowed to ride


Sunny jumped off his horse, put on a proud attitude, and told

her in a magnanimous manner, “It’s not so much whether you can ride as it is whether you’ll survive riding it! Moonshine is my sister’s horse, and it only allows my sister to ride it. Anyone else who dares to sit on its back will be thrown off!”

Corinne froze slightly. ‘This is the horse of Sunny’s sister?’

“Which sister?”

Sunny said, “My eldest. I heard from my brother that this was a pony my dad gave her for her third birthday, and the black round spot on its forehead looks like a moon, which is why my sister gave it that name. Then, when she disappeared,

Moonshine never let anyone ride it again.

“You need to listen to me when I say that you should switch Moonshine for another horse. There’s always a risk of disability if a girl like you falls off a horse!”

Corinne turned her head to look at the white horse beside her,

but she did not think that it was as fierce as everyone

described. Besides, the name Moonshine sounded inexplicably familiar.

“Moonshine,” she tried calling out to it.

The white horse seemed to react a bit as it looked at her and tilted its head before moving closer and nudging itself against Corinne’s head.

As soon as Sunny saw that, his guard was up and he

immediately pulled Corinne away. “Be careful! Didn’t you see that? It’s starting to get irritable! You’ll be thrown off if you ride it!”

Corinne was not frightened at all, and she calmly stretched out her hand to touch Moonshine’s face and soothe its emotions.

Rosie walked up to Sunny and said to him, “That’s what I told Corinne earlier, but she still insists on choosing Moonshine. Just leave her be!”

Sunny’s eyebrows were knit in a tight frown. “But that’s very dangerous, Rosie! You know how fierce Moonshine is! Corinne will die if things go south!”

Rosie had a helpless expression. “She can’t be persuaded.


A loud neigh was heard all of a sudden, and Sunny immediately turned around to see that Corinne had gotten on Moonshine’s back and whipped the rein. “Go, Moonshine!”

Moonshine seemed rather excitable, and its front feet lifted off the ground as it jumped up and soared into the air. Had Corinne not held the reins tightly as she sat on its back, she

would very likely have fallen off on the spot!


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