The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 214

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 214

Chapter 214

Sunny has always enjoyed competitive games and took the initiative to join in. “How about all four of us race against each other? The starting point will be here, and the finish line will

be the edge of the woods up ahead. Whoever reaches the finish line first is the winner! Is that good?”

Annie raised her hand. “Okay! I’m in!”

Since everyone agreed to the race, they positioned themselves behind the starting line and ensured that there was sufficient

space between them as they prepared to race from their respective tracks.

“Corinne.” A man’s deep voice sounded suddenly from behind.


Corinne and Moonshine were about to begin the race, but she

turned her head as soon as she heard someone calling her and saw Jeremy coming over on a shiny black horse. He stopped some distance away and looked earnestly at her.

His elegant and professional equestrian outfit made him look incredibly majestic and handsome. As he rode on the horse, he

did not look like a prince at all but more like a handsome king

in his prime who ruled everything under the sun.

Corinne was stunned for a moment and asked, “What’s the

matter, Mister?”


“Come here.” His tone was calm, and it compelled one to do as told despite not sounding like an order.

Corinne frowned at his inexplicable behavior and urged Moonshine toward Jeremy to see what he wanted from her.

Annie, Sunny, and Rosie turned around and each had their thoughts as they looked at the situation.

Corinne’s horse faced Jeremy’s horse as they stopped there, and she asked, “Is something wrong, Mister? I was about to race with them.”

As they sat face to face on the backs of their horses, there was

a distance of about arm’s length from them.

Jeremy was not satisfied with the distance, so he pulled the reins of his horse so it would move forward so the two horses. were leaning side by side with each other. That way, the distance between himself and Corinne was much shorter.

He glanced at the considerably reduced swelling on her ears and lowered his eyes to her hands, which were holding the rein. “Give me your hand.”

Corinne was at a loss as to what his intentions were, but she let go of the reins anyway and stretched out her hand toward


He turned her small hand over to look at the palm, and his tense expression relaxed slightly when he saw that the allergy-

induced rash had healed.

“Mister?” Corinne frowned and felt a little impatient for some.


Jeremy glanced at her, knowing that she was eager to start the race. He stretched out his long arms, took out an unopened

bottle of mineral water from his saddle, then unscrewed it and

handed it to her.

“Drink some water before you continue having fun with them.

‘That’s it?’ Corinne was startled, and she frowned severely because she had expected him to say something important.

She happened to be a little thirsty too, so she did as she was told and took a few sips of water before handing it back to him. “Thanks, Mister. Can I start the race with them now?”


After getting his approval, she led the horse away without glancing back at him again. ‘Did he call me over just to tell me to drink water? When did he become such a nag?’

Jeremy glanced silently at Corinne’s slender rear figure bouncing on the horse’s back, and he pensively raised the

mineral water bottle in his hand to take a sip before screwing the cap back on.

“Such a chivalrous man you are, Jeremy! That was kind of you to send water over to your little wifey!” Zeke teased as he

stopped his horse by Jeremy’s side.


Jeremy’s eyes darkened coldly, and he glanced askance at Zeke, who had come over with Gerald and Jason.

Zeke picked up a bottle of mineral water in his hand and

imitated Jeremy’s stern tone earlier as he said to his other pal nearby him, “Drink some water before you continue having fun with us. My heart breaks when I see how dry your lips are.”


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