The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 215

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 215

Chapter 215

Gerald felt disgusted at Zeke’s gesture.

Jeremy remained expressionless as he calmly raised the whip

in his hand and whipped firmly on the rump of Zeke’s horse.

The next moment, the horse dashed away in a frenzy and

dragged him along.

Zeke had to pull the reins of his frightened horse as he shouted from a distance, “Jeremy! I was just trying to lighten the mood! You’ve gone too far when you did that! Wow…woo…

Jeremy put away his whip and acted as if he did not do anything.

Jason chuckled in a low voice. “Gerald, Jeremy, shall we

continue our race over there?”

Gerald nodded. “Sure.”

Jeremy grunted lightly in acknowledgment, but his gaze unconsciously turned to Corinne as he saw that her race had already begun. Moonshine galloped toward the woods with her on its back, leaving the three others well behind her.

Jeremy, Gerald, and Jason went to the equestrian field to race and kill time. After a while, Zeke came back on his horse and

hapter 215


joined them while complaining about what happened earlier.

More than an hour had passed, but Corinne, Annie, Sunny, and Rosie never came back from their race. Although the ranch

spanned a large area, the only places where one could race horses were the grassland and woods.

Even if they went for two or three more races, they should already be on the way back by then.

After all, the horses would still get tired even if the riders were


Jeremy rode his horse over an obstacle on the equestrian track, but he felt somewhat uneasy and frowned as a result.

By then, the figures of a few people on horses appeared not far away and began coming closer.

They were back, but there were only three horses and three

people. It was only when they got closer that Jeremy could see the trio was comprised only of Annie, Sunny, and Rosie.

Corinne was nowhere to be seen.

Jeremy’s sharp gaze scanned across the three of them, and he asked in a deep voice, “Where’s Corinne?”

Annie raised her head, and her face was pale as she cried and trembled, “Uncle, she…”

Jeremy’s calm pupils contracted. “What happened to her?”

Annie could control herself from bawling her eyes out. “She


won first place when we were racing earlier, and since we were all tired, we decided to dismount and rest for a while under the shade of a woods. When we decided that it was about time for us to come back, Corinne got on Moonshine, but Moonshine suddenly became agitated for some reason and ran away with her on its back! We got on our horses as quickly as we could and chased after her, but Moonshine ran too fast, and we couldn’t catch up no matter how hard we tried! We searched and searched until we found Moonshine, who was standing calmly near the edge of a cliff. But Corinne… She… She’s gone… We think she might’ve fallen off…”

Sunny’s shoulders trembled slightly, and his face was sullen with self-blame. He had a tight frown on his face and his handsome eyes were bloodshot as he said, “I’m sorry, Jeremy…

Rosie was the oldest of the three and was therefore relatively calm. She stepped forward with regret on her face, and sighed deeply, “Jeremy, Sunny and I persuaded Corinne not to ride. that fierce horse today, but she didn’t listen to us at all and overestimated her abilities in controlling it. Then, this


Jeremy was in no mood to listen to their superfluous remarks and flicked the reins of his horse with a sullen expression as he

turned and directed it to jump over the fence of the equestrian track. The horse then galloped toward the cliff and brought him along with it.

It was a matter of utmost urgency because there was a human

life at stake.

Zeke, Gerald, and Jason got on their horses and chased after

Jeremy to check on the situation.


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