The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 216

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 216

Chapter 216

At the edge of the cliff, Moonshine the white horse lingered in the area as it whined. A torn corner of red cloth was dangling on the edge of the cliff, clearly from the equestrian suit that Corinne was wearing.

Jeremy pulled his horse to a stop, jumped down firmly, and walked quickly to the edge of the cliff. His sharp gaze looked far down until the bottom, but the end was not in sight. The arrhythmic, rapid clacking of horse hooves galloping from behind could be heard, and they too came to a stop soon


Zeke, Gerald, and Jason had caught up to him.

The three of them got off their horses, looked at the ominous scene on the edge of the cliff, and glanced at each other in


Zeke put away his usual cynical tone and stepped forward in grief to pat Jeremy’s shoulder. “My condolences, Jeremy.”

Jeremy was silent and had a solemn expression.

‘Condolences? Why the hell are you offering your condolences? ‘Jeremy turned around, looked solemnly at Zeke, and said calmly, “I’ll go down to have a look. The three of you can go and get a rescue team to come over right this instant!”

After finishing his words, he turned around and took out a


climbing rope from the saddle of his black horse. He swung it up in the air and tossed out the end so he could hook it over a big tree on the cliff’s edge. Then, he tied the rope to his body and descended to look for Corinne.

As soon as Gerald saw that, he reached out to grab Jeremy’s arm and persuaded him, “Calm down, Jeremy.”

Zeke came over to stop Jeremy as well. “We don’t know what sort of terrain is down there, Jeremy. You can’t go down!”

Jason walked slowly to the edge of the cliff, leaned over, and picked up the dangling piece of red cloth. “Shame. Corinne is still young…”

Jeremy’s expression became gloomy and he broke away from Gerald’s grip. “Off you go. I thought I already told you three to call a rescue team?”

“Jeremy…” Annie, Sunny, and Rosie had ridden their horses over, but before they could even get close, they saw Jeremy jumping off from the edge of the cliff where he stood.

Rosie’s eyes widened in shock, and she shouted, “Jeremy,


Annie was startled, too. “Uncle!”

“Jeremy!” Sunny anxiously kicked his horse with his spurs to

let the horse rush forward faster.

Meanwhile, Jeremy’s figure disappeared from the edge of the


As soon as Annie reached the edge of the cliff, she jumped off her horse, ran forward, and looked down the cliff as she burst into despair. “I… I didn’t think Uncle Jeremy would jump to his death for the woman he loves!”

Sunny was initially feeling anxious, but as soon as he saw Annie’s dumb reaction, he frowned and reminded her angrily, “He tied himself to a rope before going down! He’s not going to be that stupid to jump down to his death for the sake of love!


Annie’s body twitched as she stopped crying. She blinked

blankly, looked around, and saw the rope tied to the big tree. That was when she heaved a sigh of relief. “You’re right! Hic,

hic… I hope Uncle Jeremy will be able to rescue Corinne. I really hope she’ll be safe… Sob, sob…”

Sunny took out a pack of tissues from his pocket and threw it to her in disgust. “Blow your nose. You look disgusting!”

Annie rolled his eyes at him, took out some tissue, and cried, ‘ I’m disgusted by you! Hic, hic, hic…”

Beside them, Rosie was stunned silent as she stood on the

edge of the cliff in a daze.

She never expected Jeremy to descend to the bottom of the

cliff and risk his life just to look for Corinne.

‘Is Corinne that important to him? Is he willing to give up his life for Corinne? What about Anya, then?’


The bottom of the cliff was dark, damp, and overgrown with


The rope on Jeremy’s body was not long enough, and there

was a long way to go before he would reach the bottom of the



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