The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 217

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 217

Chapter 217

Jeremy kicked the stone cliff face and propelled his body back as he untied the rope and landed firmly on the ground. The

movement startled a colony of bats.

As he stood up and patted the thorny weeds that clung to his clothes, his sharp eyes began scanning the surroundings. The environment at the bottom of the cliff was particularly harsh, and the situation looked rather bleak.

No traces of Corinne could be found. Whether she was dead or

alive, he was adamant about finding her at all costs.

He frowned, pushed aside layers of vegetation, and carefully searched for her. All of a sudden, a black shadow pounced at him from behind. Jeremy was keenly aware of the movement, and he turned to give the figure a thumping kick. He then saw a brown bear howling as it bared its teeth and fell over.

The brown bear seemed to be very hungry, and its eyes lit up when it saw Jeremy-a potential prey item. After a while, it got up and attacked him again. Nonetheless, his body was strong and agile, and it took him barely any effort as he knocked the brown bear to the ground with several kicks.

For the moment at least, the danger had been temporarily averted.

Jeremy had a bad feeling when the bear appeared, for he did not expect such a huge beast to be present there.


‘Could Corinne have been eaten since she’s nowhere to be found?’ As that thought appeared in his mind, his eyes turned red, and he took out a miniature shotgun from his back waist.

to aim at the brown bear’s head.

The brown bear seemed to be aware that its time was up, and

it could only shiver since it lacked the strength to escape.

“Don’t shoot the bear, Mister!” Corinne’s voice resonated

through the gorge in an ethereal echo.

Jeremy’s pupils shrank, and he glanced toward the source of the sound. There, he saw a dirty-faced Corinne standing not

far away with disheveled hair and tattered clothes.

Though she looked miserable, she seemed to be somewhat

energetic. Corinne stepped over some vegetation and walked

toward Jeremy. “Mister, you-”

Before she could finish her sentence, he hurried over, pulled her into his arms, and hugged her tightly. The conversation.

was interrupted, and her head was pressed so firmly on his chest that she had difficulty breathing.

Corinne struggled in his arms to look up as she said to him in a serious tone, “That species of bear is a totally protected animal. Killing it is against the law!”

Jeremy’s tense muscles relaxed slightly when he confirmed

that she was fine. He looked down at her and then said in a

lecturing tone, “Protected animals can be killed if humans are

attacked by them in the wild. Understand?”

“Oh, that makes sense.” Corinne pursed her lips. “By the way, Mister, why did you come down here?”

He frowned slightly and looked blankly at the little fool.” What do you think?”

Corinne complained with a look of disgust, “I didn’t fall. I was

hanging on a crooked tree near the cliff waiting for someone to rescue me, and I tried calling you when I saw you tying a rope and coming down, but you didn’t hear me at all! I had no choice but to jump down to look for you, and I ended up

tumbling to the ground!”

Jeremy frowned, held her shoulders, and checked her body nervously. “Did you sprain yourself?”

Corinne waved her hands. “I’m fine! I just tore my clothes a


Jeremy stared at her. “If you didn’t fall, why did you jump off and risk spraining yourself when you saw me come down?”

“Because…” Corinne nearly blurted out her reason, but the moment she realized he might misunderstand her, she immediately held back what she wanted to say.

Jeremy narrowed his long eyes and looked at her intimidatingly. “Because of what? Say it.”

His stare left her feeling a little awkward, and she turned her face away from him before snorting angrily, “I jumped down


for the same reason you did!”

Jeremy was stunned for a moment and ended up laughing.

He calmed himself down, stared at her dirty little face, and covered her head with his big hand as he rubbed her tousled hair. “At least you’re smart enough to worry about your

husband’s life!” he said out of contentment.

Corinne was speechless.


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