The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 219

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 219

Chapter 219

Jeremy looked at her. “If that’s what you want.”

Corinne nodded.

Then, the man turned and tied up the brown bear with vines

and carried it on his person as he followed Corinne step by


After walking for a long time, the two of them finally spotted a small cave at the bottom of this dark, damp valley where they

could take temporary shelter.

However, the vegetation at the cave entrance was rather dense and had to be cleared. Jeremy thus placed the bear aside, gracefully rolled up the cuffs of his shirt, and bent over to pull out the half-meter-high plants at the entrance of the cave.

Corinne wanted to help him, but he swatted her hand away as soon as she reached out. He then gave her such a stern stare that she had no choice but to stand by and watch him fretfully. It was a rare sight to see an elegant man get down and dirty, and she felt that he was much more masculine than his usual well-dressed, working-day business look.

She had been so engrossed in gazing at this handsome man that she forgot to pay attention to the surrounding

environment. It was only when she felt a sudden sharp pain in her arm that she winced and frowned.


“Ack!” Corinne looked down and saw that a yellowish-green, marble-patterned snake had appeared out of nowhere and bit

her arm.

She wasted no time in grabbing the snake’s body, yanking it away, and turning around to throw it into the grass in the distance. Two deep, bloody bite marks were left on her arm.

Corinne tried to remember what the snake looked like earlier

and deduced that it was probably not venomous.

Jeremy noticed that something was amiss, so he came over and asked her in a serious tone, “What’s wrong?”

Corinne wiped off the blood on her arm casually. “It’s nothing. I just got bitten by a little snake.”

‘Did she just say that it’s nothing even though she just got bitten by a snake? What is wrong with her?!”

Jeremy frowned and grabbed her arm to check. When he looked at the two clear bite marks on her slender arm, his pupils contracted and his frown deepened. He then bent down, placed her mouth over the bite mark, and sucked out the venom-laced blood as hard as he could before spitting out a mouthful on the ground.

Then, he hurriedly searched for something in the grass beside him and parted them open as he squatted to pull up a plant.

Jeremy put the plant into his mouth, chewed, spat it out, and applied it all to the place where she was bitten. He then tore a


piece of cloth from his shirt and bandaged the wound together

with the broadleaf plantain.

Corinne did not speak throughout the entire process, and she obediently allowed him to do as he pleased. She merely frowned and looked intently at the man in slight disbelief.

After Jeremy dressed her wound and bandaged it, he raised his eyes to look at her and saw the somewhat-unhappy frown on her face. “Disgusted?”

Corinne snapped back to her senses, shook her head, and applied pressure on the bandaged wound. “I’m just a little surprised that you’re this experienced in dealing with snake bites. I never thought a well-taken-care-of man like you would be able to identify and use herbs for treating snakebite.”

He had a calm expression on his face as he replied faintly, ”

I’ve been bitten by a snake before, and a girl told me that broadleaf plantain works against. most venomous snakes.”

“A girl told you?” Corinne frowned unconsciously when she heard the word ‘girl’ and she immediately cocked her eyebrow

as she chuckled. “You seem to have a past with lots of women.”

Jeremy sensed something was amiss with her tone and glanced faintly at her. “Does it bother you?”

Corinne was taken aback. She felt awkward for some unknown

reason and turned around to look at the unlucky bear. A smile appeared on her face as she said, “Why should I? I just think it’s boring to be stuck here, so I wanted to tease you with a


joke! It’s not like we’re in an actual relationship. It doesn’t matter to me how many women you have a history with.”

Jeremy’s complexion was subtle as he stared at her. “Are you sure you’re not bothered by it?”


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