The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 220

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 220

Chapter 220

Corinne shrugged nonchalantly. “Nope. Not a single bit. I can also share my history with you.’

Jeremy’s gaze sharpened. “What sort of history do you have? I remember you saying that you’ve been single all your life.”

Corinne nodded calmly. “That’s true, but that doesn’t stop me from liking lots of men.”

Jeremy’s complexion soured noticeably, and he smiled wryly as he said, “Is that so? Tell me, then-I’m all ears.”

Corinne did not notice the change in his expression as she was not looking at his face. She then began giving out names of

domestic and foreign male stars she once admired.

For an older man like Jeremy who hardly paid any attention to the entertainment industry, those male names felt just like individuals who were once in Corinne’s life, one way or


Corinne was like one of those diehard fans as she said

sentimentally, “The man I liked when I was eighteen was a singer, and I liked listening to him so much that I even imagined marrying him! His name is-”

“Shut up!” Jeremy had a sullen expression as he interrupted her suddenly in a cold voice, which startled Corinne and the

bear next to them.


She turned her head, looked at the man in confusion, and asked, “Why did you have to speak so loud? Didn’t you want me to talk to you about them?”

Jeremy’s jaw was tense, and he shot her a cold look. Without saying another word, he went straight to pick up the unlucky

brown bear and strode into the cave. The brown bear twitched

in fright after being tossed into the corner of the cave.

Corinne came in after him.

The light in the cave was exceptionally dark, and although their cell phones did not have any signal, they could use the flashlight function for lighting.

Jeremy sat on the floor near the entrance of the cave, with one leg laying straight on the floor and his other leg bent so he could rest his arm on his knee. He took out the lighter and lit a cigarette in a somewhat nonchalant, masculine manner.

He continued to smoke sullenly and did not say another word.

Corinne felt baffled by how angry he became, even though they seemed to have had a decent chat earlier. It was her first time encountering such a moody person.

Since he was not saying anything, she decided not to say anything as well. That way, they could not ignore each other.

Corinne felt a little gloomy as she sat, leaned comfortably against the wall of the cave, and waited silently for them to rescue her. Sometime later, she fell asleep unknowingly.


It was already dusk by the time she woke up, and she felt a little chilly even though she was wearing Jeremy’s coat. At that moment, Jeremy was sitting lazily beside her with his eyes closed as if he had fallen asleep too.

Corinne felt a little thirsty and wanted to go out to find some water to drink, so she got up gently without waking Jeremy up and left the cave alone. Although the gorge was rather humid, there were no water sources such as streams or rivers, making

it somewhat difficult to find a source of clean water.

A tree then caught Corinne’s attention, and her eyes lit up as

she walked over like she had discovered some treasure. When

she reached the tree, she confirmed that it was the exact

species of the tree she had been hoping to see.

The common name of that tree was water tree due to the clean

sap that flowed out when the trunk was cut open. The sap was clean water filtered naturally by the tree’s vascular system, and it could be used as emergency drinking water when in the


Corinne immediately found a sharp-edged stone from the ground and cut a small piece of the water tree’s trunk. Clean sap flowed out immediately, and Corinne washed her hands. before drinking some of the sap. Her thirst was quenched at

last after she had her fill.

As Corinne was about to return, she pondered over whether or not she should take some back for Jeremy and eventually

decided that she should.

Sure, he might be very moody, but he had gone down the cliff that day just to look for her, and she also shared…a few good memories with him on usual days.


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