The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 223

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 223

Chapter 223 

Unfortunately, the leaf cup withered not long after, and the servants disposed of it when they cleaned his room

Jeremy was surprised that Corinne was able to fold such a cup

Someone’s coming, Mister!Corinne’s voice brought Jeremy back to his senses, and when he looked up, he saw the light of a flashlight shining at the cave entrance, accompanied by the sound of a helicopter propeller coming closer

Jeremy got up, took Corinne’s hand, and went to the entrance of the cave to check on the situation. A helicopter hovered low over the gorge, and someone was shining a flashlight all around as if to look for something. The search and rescue team must have arrived

Corinne raised her cell phone with the flashlight function on and waved it toward the helicopter to direct their attention to where she and Jeremy were

The helicopter pilot saw the flickering light below and immediately flew over to make a landing

The cabin door opened, and Zeke jumped out of the helicopter with Gerald

Jeremy! Corinne! Are you two okay? Are you injured?Zeke came over quickly and shone the flashlight from their head to their toes to check if they were fine

Corinne shook her head. We’re fine.” 

Jeremy glared at Zeke coldly. Did you finally decide to come and find us after having dinner?” 

Gerald came over and explained, There was congestion on the road up the mountain when the rescue team arrived. We dispatched a helicopter to pick them up, but our helicopters were too big to fly down the valley, and Zeke had to borrow a small helicopter. All of that contributed to the delay.” 

Zeke nodded helplessly. Yeah! I searched all over the city until I finally found someone whom I could borrow this small helicopter from. None of us would get such a small, broken helicopter for 


Jeremy massaged the top of his nose bridge and said, Right. Let’s talk when we’re back up.” 

He then took Corinne’s shoulders, led her to the front, and allowed her to get on the helicopter 


At that moment, the bear’s wailing was heard from the cave. When Corinne heard this, she turned around, looked at the cave entrance, and gazed at Jeremy. Mister” 

Got it.Jeremy understood what she was referring to without needing to listen to her finish her sentence. He turned his head and said to Zeke, There’s another one inside. Let the team bring it with us.” 

Zeke had a skeptical expression. Another one? Wasn’t it just the two of you? Who else is there?” 

A few minutes later, the rescue team brought an injured bear out of the cave

Zeke’s lips twitched, and he said with a teasing smile, When did an ironhanded killer like you 


become such a caring man? You’ve even saved a wild beast!” 

Jeremy’s expression was insipid. She likes it. Just bring it back and let her play with it for a few days before releasing it.” 

Zeke stared in amazement at the friend whom he had known for more than 20 years. He could not help but utter in admiration, Tsk, tsk! How considerate! You’re the perfect husband everybody wants!” 

Screw you.Jeremy shot him a cold look and stepped onto the helicopter

Zeke shrugged and followed suit

Once everyone boarded the helicopter, it flew up and away from the gorge

When they reached the cliff, Annie rushed over and hugged Corinne as soon as she saw the latter stepping out of the helicopter. In between sobs, she said, “Corinne! I’m so glad nothing happened to you! I was scared to death! HicHic” 



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