The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 224

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 224

Chapter 224 


Corinne was conflicted between laughing and crying, and she could only pat Annie’s back helplessly. There, there. Everything’s fine now!” 

Sunny walked over sullenly and asked anxiously, Ahem! You okay, Corinne?” 

Annie hugged Corinne so tightly and did not let go, so Corinne had no choice but to let Annie keep holding her. She looked up at Sunny and smiled. I’m fine. Are you disappointed?” 

Sunny frowned. Why would I be?” 

Corinne cocked an eyebrow and said, If I die, you wouldn’t have to do anything to deal you’re your sister’s love rival, right?” 

Sunny snorted angrily. I don’t want you to die! I just” 

At that moment, the white horse Moonshine neighed excitedly and ran toward Corinne from the edge of the cliff

Everyone was on high alert because that fierce horse had thrown Corinne down earlier for no apparent reason and might attack Corinne again

Jeremy’s pupils contracted, and he strode up to Corinne to protect the two girls who were hugging, Corinne and Annie

Zeke, Gerald, and Jason stepped forward to support too, and they stood in the way of the mad horse

When Moonshine got near and saw a crowd of people blocking its path, it decided to stop and pace back and forth while neighing anxiously. Upon seeing that, Corinne gently pushed the crying Annie away from her arms, squeezed through the people standing in front of her, and walked toward Moonshine

Jeremy grabbed her wrist and said sternly, Don’t do anything stupid!” 

Corinne remained calm. It’s fine. Just let me have a look at it. It won’t do anything to me.” 

Jeremy was unable to set his worries at ease, but when he saw her insistence, he thought for at moment and decided to follow her there instead of stopping her

Corinne walked up to Moonshine, raised her hand to caress its face, and said softly to it, Don’t worry, okay? I’m fine. You don’t have to blame yourself.” 

Moonshine’s restless mood settled and gently rubbed its head against Corinneas if to apologize -and uttered a soblike neigh

Corinne felt ticklish after its head rubbed against her, and a giggle escaped her

Jeremy lowered his guard a little, and an unwitting tenderness flashed across his eyes

Annie walked over, wiped her tears, and sniffled. It’s been here since you fell, and no matter how hard we try to chase it away, it won’t even let us get close to it! I think it’s showing remorse because it knows it did something wrong.” 

Corinne turned and looked at Annie with a pensive gaze. It’s not its fault. Someone did something 

to it.” 

Annie’s eyes widened in confusion. Someone did something to it? Do you mean to say that someone used it to harm you?” 

It was already dark by then, and Corinne did not offer any explanation to Annie. She merely turned around and glanced at everyone present there, until her attention was finally focused on Zeke’s body. Hey, you! Lend me your flashlight.” 

Zeke looked around him, and once he was sure that Corinne was talking to him, he walked over with a smile and teased her by twirling the flashlight in his hand, My name isn’t you. Call me Zeke, and I’ll lend it to you!” 

Corinne smiled. Sure, you!” 

She snatched the flashlight that Zeke was twirling

Zeke clicked his tongue. “How rude!” 



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