The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 226

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 226

Chapter 226 

A small ear stud would not be able to retain traces of fingerprints on its surface. Even if it did, it was already gone after it was on the horse’s body for a long time

There was no surveillance camera in the woods, so there was no evidence to prove Rosie was the culprit

Nonetheless, the truth was out in the air, and everyone knew it

Instead of replying to Rosie, Jeremy raised his hand and helped Corinne to adjust the jacket on her body

It’s cold out here. Let’s head back to the hotel.” 

At Castle Horse Ranch Resort

The doctor rushed over to examine the snake bite wound on Corinne’s arm, and he praised them for administering firstaid correctly. Although the snake was not poisonous, using broadleaf plantain to spread it over the bite acted as a good sanitizer to kill the germs and avoided infection. Jeremy was relieved to hear the doctor confirm that the snake was not poisonous

The doctor then advised Corinne to protect her snake bite wound from getting in contact with water before he asked permission from Jeremy to leave

After the doctor left, Corinne asked Annie to go to the kitchen to get some food wrap for her, and she wrapped it around her wound to protect it from water. With that done, she was ready to take her shower

She felt dirty after all the hassle that happened in the woods, and dust was all over her hair. It was going to be torturous for her if she did not take a shower to wash off all the dirt, not to mention she was probably going to have a hard time sleeping

From the moment Corinne wrapped up her wound with the food wrap, Jeremy knew what she wanted to do

He languidly stood at the bathroom door as his tall body leaned on the wall. His arms were folded as he looked at her. Do you need help?” 

Corinne’s eyebrows furrowed at Jeremy’s words. She stretched her mouth into a sarcastic smile and replied sardonically, “Thank you for your offer, but how can I possibly trouble you with this?Jeremy leaned in closer and whispered softly into her ear, No trouble at all. It’s my pleasure helping Miss Corinne with these little things.” 

Obviously, Corinne was not as thickskinned as Jeremy. She gritted her teeth and said with a weird smile, Ahaha! Thanks, but no thanks.” 

Jeremy’s smile widened. Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider? I have a good pair of hands, and I’m sure I’ll be able to make you feel very comfortable.” 

CComfortable? Why did it sound so dirty


Corinne’s face blushed red as she stared at him in embarrassment. Oh my god, Mister! You’re so dirty!” 

Jeremy raised his brow and looked serious. Huh? I was talking about scrubbing your back for you. What are you thinking about?” 

Corinne’s face was so red that it looked like an apple. You.” 

Fine. If she could not beat him, it was best to hide from him. She could enter the bathroom, close the door, and lock it

What was wrong with Jeremy lately? Why did he start making ambiguous dirty jokes

Jeremy chuckled when he saw the redfaced Corinne rushing into the bathroom abashedly. He did not know when it started, but he enjoyed teasing the little rascal. He found it interesting to see her scrunchedup face when she grew anxious

While that happened, Annie was in the suite too. She was shocked and enjoyed watching the couple flirting with each other

Gosh, Uncle Jeremy, I didn’t know you were so passionate with a wild side to you. I was worried you were an asexual person!” 

The smile on his face disappeared immediately, and he returned to his calm, cool, and collected self. Giving his niece a fierce glare, he said, Stay here and keep her company. I need to go out for a bit.” 

Annie stood at attention. Yes, sir! Don’t worry. I’ll keep her company as you instructed!” 


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