The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 227

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 227

Chapter 227 

Jeremy was satisfied with the response he got and left


When Corinne came out of the bathroom with the towel drying her head, she noticed that Annie was the only one left. Unconsciously, she glanced around to look for Jeremy

Annie came over and said, Hey, Corinne! Uncle Jeremy went out. He’s probably going to take care of that awful Rosie for you.” 

Corinne was stunned as she furrowed her eyebrows

As Annie said, Rosie was indeed an awful woman. Forget being sneaky, deceitful, and good at disguisesshe even dared to attempt murder

Nonetheless, Jeremy, Rosie, Zeke, and the others had known each other for a long time. She doubted Jeremy would fall out with his friend because of her, his threemonth contract wife

Besides, Rosie was best friends with Anya, the apple of Jeremy’s eye. Even if he was angry at Rosie, he would not do anything serious to her for the sake of Anya

While Corinne mulled over her thoughts, Annie giggled and grabbed her hand. Corinne, come. I’ll dry your hair for you!” 

It’s fine. I’ll just let it dry naturally.Corinne waved her off gently and used the towel to dry her damp hair

Annie frowned and shook her hand sternly. You cannot do that. It’s very chilly up in the mountains, and you’re going to get sick if you don’t dry it before you go to sleep! Besides, Uncle Jeremy asked me to stay here with you. He’s going to blame me if he heard you sneeze when he comes back!” 

Annie was good at imagining things, such as how she thought Corinne and Jeremy were a legitimately loving couple

Helpless, Corinne’s lips pressed into a line. She expressed that she would do it on her own, but Annie pressed her to the chair vehemently and started to dry Corinne’s hair

The hairdryer was Annie’s personal belonging that she brought to the resort. It was not noisy, so they were able to continue with their conversation

Hey, Corinne. I saw you guys brought a bear back. Are you guys planning to grill it?” 

Grill it

Corinne was at a loss for words

The wind speed and temperature were just nice, so much so that Corinne narrowed her eyes comfortably and felt sleepy. She answered lazily, That’s an endangered animal; you can’t eat it. If I didn’t stop Jeremy today, he would’ve killed it. There are only a few left of that bear in this world and it’ll be a pity if it becomes extinct, so I thought that it is better to bring it back with us and hand it over to the authorities.” 

Annie was surprised. Wow! That’s so you!” 

Puzzled, Corinne’s eyebrows furrowed. Huh? What do you mean by that?” 

Uncle Jeremy didn’t shoot the bear because it was you who stopped him. You probably don’t know this, but he’s a famous international hunter. Every year, he’d go to a tropical country to train his hunting skills. He’s never shown mercy to any wild animals, yet the bear gets to live because of 

I doubt Uncle Jeremy will listen if someone else spoke up for it.” 


Corinne raised her brow unnaturally. Are you sure?” 

Annie nodded vehemently. Yes! You’re married to him for just a month, so you probably don’t know much about him. Once you do, you’ll know how coldblooded he is!” 

Is it nice to talk about your uncle that way? I can see he’s very nice to you,Corinne said

Of course he’s nice to me; I’m his niece! But he really is a ruthless, cruel, and mean person to outsiders. Many people are scared of him!” 

As a matter of fact, Corinne had heard about Jeremy’s brutal reputation. That was why she was scared and tried to hide when she knew the man she grabbed on the street to kiss was Jeremy Holden

Of course, she had not actually seen the brutal side of him yet. She wondered if he was really that scary as everyone said

Just then, someone knocked at the door

Who could it be

Annie switched off the hairdryer and ran over to open the door.


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