The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 228

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 228

Chapter 228 

The door was opened, revealing Sunny standing outside with a proud face

Seeing him, Annie frowned in disgust. Why are you here?” 

I’m looking for Corinne,Sunny answered

And why are you looking for her? I think you’re in the same gang as Rosie and don’t mean well. We don’t welcome you!” 

Sunny glared at her angrily. Move. I didn’t come here to look for you!” 

He pushed Annie away and walked into the room. When he saw Corinne’s bandaged arm, his proud eyes looked regretful. Ahem! I heard a snake had bitten you.” 

Corinne sat on the chair with her legs crossed. You heard right.” 

Sunny sheepishly asked, “Thenare you alright?” 

Corinne remained relaxed with a faint smile. I’m fine. The snake wasn’t poisonous. I bet you’re very disappointed.” 

Sunny furrowed his eyebrows vehemently. Corinne, I’m not the evil person you probably think! am. I just want you to stay away from Jeremy, but that doesn’t mean I want you to die for no good 


Annie walked over with her hands on her waist. You’re such an interesting boy, Sunny! Who gives you the right to ask Corinne to stay away from my uncle? They’re a legally married couple, and they have the right to sleep together. You have no right to stop them!” 

It infuriated Sunny very much that his face turned red. Hmph! Go away! I’m not speaking to an idiot!” 

Annie stomped. Who are you calling an in 

An argument ensued swiftly

You’re the idiot!” 

These two brats would always argue whenever they met

Corinne rubbed her temple helplessly

The argument went on, and Sunny lost. He said, I’m a gentleman, and gentlemen do not fight with a lady!” 

After that, he turned and asked Corinne seriously, Hey, Corinne. Can I ask for a favor?” 

Surprised, Corinne raised an eyebrow. Well, that’s rare. Mister Sunny actually has a favor to ask from me.” 

In fact, Sunny found it hard to speak out about what he wanted to say. After much hesitation, he said through gritted teeth, After what happened today, Jeremy is very angry, and he’s about to retract the investment he had made in Rosie’s family business. Her family business hasn’t been doing well for the past two years, and if they have a problem with their cash flow, her family business will enter bankruptcy… 


So I’m hoping you can talk to Jeremy and ask him to forgive Rosie. Give her a chance to change.” 

Corinne was dumbstruck. Her brain was processing, so she did not answer back

Mister is really going after Rosie?she thought

Noting her silence, Sunny continued, Rosie is my sister’s best friend. I know what she did today was wrong, but she did it for my sister, so I can’t just stand by the side and do nothing.” 

Corinne stopped thinking and looked at Sunny calmly. I’m sorry, but you’re looking for the wrong person. You should ask your sister to talk to Jeremy about this and not me, the victim in this case.” 

Sunny grew anxious when Corinne said that. No! I can’t get my sister involved in this. She’s too kind! If she knows Rosie had done such a thing for her, she’ll be angry and blame herself. It doesn’t help that she’s physically ailing, and I’m afraid she’s going to have a hard time sleeping if she knows about this” 

Corinne was touched by what she saw. Sunny was typically a proud person, yet he looked so caring, gentle, and worried when he talked about his sister

It was difficult to have such a strong bond between siblings

Miss Anya Rivera, the apple of Jeremy’s eye… 

Her brother cared so deeply about her that he was worried that telling her the truth would affect her sleep. Meanwhile, her best friend was willing to help her get rid of her love rival by attempting murder



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