The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 230

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 230

Chapter 230 

Even after several minutes, Jeremy said nothing in response

Thus, Rosie whimpered, Jeremy, you’re aware of the situation with my family business. If you withdraw your investment, my family business is done for!” 

Jeremy’s tall, distant self stood on the balcony. Expressionlessly, he lit a cigarette and looked down at the distraughtlooking Rosie

Holden Group isn’t a charity,he remarked flatly. It’s not the first time your family business has been in a downfall. Every year, the investment Holden Group has in your family business has decreased. I’ve been keeping an eye on them because we’ve been friends for many years. Today, however, you don’t think of me as a friend, and I don’t think Holden Group needs to help your family business anymore.” 

Rosie shook her head fearfully and tried to explain herself. No! That’s not it! How can you think that way? When did I do that? We’ve known each other since we were kids. You’re an important friend in my life!” 

Jeremy glared at her from the corner of his eyes and puffed out the smoke with a stonecold face. Is that so? If you’re my friend, why do you keep hurting my wife?” 

Rosie looked embarrassed and guilty as charged, but her eyes showed resentment. Yes, we are friends, but I don’t think there’s any relationship between me and Corinne. I admit I can’t stand her arrogance, so I wanted to teach her a lesson” 

Jeremy glared at her coldly. Do you think you’re in the position to teach my wife a lesson? If you treat her badly, it means you’re going against me.” 

These ruthless, brutal words stunned Rosie

Right after that, she lowered her head fearfully and said, I’m sorry, Jeremy. I know I’m wrong, and I’ll never do that again. We’re friends. Please, don’t withdraw your investment.” 

You dare risk my wife’s life and hurt her. Do you think I’d still think of you as a friend, Miss Rosie?” 

Jeremy, are youreally going to fall out with me just because of Corinne? After all the years that we’ve known each other” 

Jeremy used his slender finger to flick away the ashes on the cigarette indifferently. Miss Rosie, you should be grateful that my wife is safe now. If she suffers even a fever, flu, or sneezes today, you and your family are going to pay a more serious consequence than me withdrawing my investment.” 

Rozie stilled in shock as chills crept up the back of her spine and froze her and her thoughts. She had never seen Jeremy act so brutally to his friends, including her

Miss Rosie. A very cold, distant, and indifferent way to address someone. It was not how a friend would call another friend

Jeremy meant what he said this time

Alarmed, Rosie continued to pull the friendcard. Jeremy, we’ve known each other for so many 

years! Please don’t do this to me” 

Since Jeremy had said everything he wanted and told Rosie everything, he did not want to waste a second more with her. He put out the smoke and strode toward the door with big steps to leave the room

This room was Sunny’s, but he walked out and left Jeremy and Rosie alone. It was inappropriate to have them stay together for such a long time since it would create misunderstandings

Rosie felt her heart crumbling in despair as she watched him walk away. She knew very well how determined Jeremy was. At this moment, it was certain Jeremy was going to withdraw his investment from her family business

Yet, there was something she could not accept and felt resentful of

Having that thought in mind, she gritted and yelled at Jeremy, Wait! I have something else to say!” 

Jeremy, however, steadily walked away and did not even look back

Hence, Rosie dashed up and spread her arms wide to stop Jeremy from leaving. She asked angrily, Jeremy! One last question. Have you forgotten the promise you made to Anya? Or are you just like every other man fond of shiny new things and getting bored of the old?


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