The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 231

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 231

Chapter 231 

Having heard Anya’s name in the conversation, Jeremy’s indifferent expression finally faltered. After a long pause, he narrowed his eyes and said, I won’t forget that. I’ll always fulfill the promise I made to her.” 

Rosie sneered, Jeremy, it doesn’t matter if you don’t think of me as your friend anymore, but I hope you’ll remember everything Anya did for you. You can’t disappoint Anya just because of Corinne. She’s a good woman!” 

After that, Rosie turned around and opened the door to leave

This was when she noticed Corinne was at the door

Corinne was speechless

She thought she heard Jeremy and Rosie talking to each other. Thus, she wanted to rush past the room to avoid having someone think she was eavesdropping

Coincidentally, or maybe it was just bad luck, Rosie opened the door just as she walked slightly past the door

Thus, it looked like she was eavesdropping and did not have the chance to get away quickly enough. No matter how she would explain herself, she still looked like they caught her redhanded

Corinne stretched her mouth and smiled awkwardly, waving her hand politely at Rosie and Jeremy who were inside the room. Hi. Would you believe me if I told you I just happened to pass by?” 

Jeremy and Rosie were speechless

Jeremy furrowed his eyebrows and gazed at her with his deep eyes

Rosie regained her senses and curled up her lips as she looked at Corinne. Later, she deliberately looked back at Jeremy and said, “Jeremy, I believe you’ll make true of your word, and Anya will believe in you, too.” 

With that, she walked back to her room. Nonetheless, she paused when she reached Corinne’s side, and with a tone only audible to them both, she muttered into her ear, Corinne, enjoy this while you still can. Anya is coming back soon. When that happens, you’ll finally find out who’s the most important woman in Jeremy’s heart.” 

Corinne’s eyes wavered, yet she remained calm

Why would she need to know who the most important woman in Jeremy’s heart was? It was none of her business! Moreover, why would she need to trouble herself to anticipate Anya’s return? By then, the contact between her and Jeremy was finished, and they should be on their separate ways

Rosie left

Jeremy approached Corinne and looked down at her slightly damp hair. He furrowed his eyebrows and said in a lecturing kind of tone, Where do you think you’re going with that damp hair?” 



Corinne sighed helplessly. Annie was blowdrying her hair for her minutes ago until Sunny came. Thus, her hair remained slightly damp

Your niece and brotherinlaw are arguing in our room. I came out to get some peace. I also think of going over to look at the poor bear.” 


If she was using this term to refer to Sunny, it meant she was aware of something. Yet, she did not care about that and talked about something less irrelevant

Jeremy narrowed his eyes. Corinne, do you have anything you want to ask me?” 


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