The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 232

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 232

Chapter 232 

Corinne answered Indifferently, Nothing.” 

A dim, complicated light appeared in Jeremy’s eyes

Both of them made eye contact, and the ambiance grew awkward

Suddenly, Jeremy frowned and looked to the side to cough, which raised Corinne’s concern

Mister, are you sick?” 

Jeremy looked gloomy when he waved dismissively and said coldly, I’m fine.” 

Corinne pressed her finger at Jeremy’s wrist to feel his pulse, She furrowed her eyebrows

The cave they were in was wet, cold, and humid. Being a gentleman, Jeremy gave his jacket to her before they fell asleep in the cave. It only made sense that Jeremy caught a cold

Mister, you got a cold. Cover yourself with more blankets to sweat it out when you sleep tonight, and you’ll be fine tomorrow.” 

You can tell just by feeling my pulse?Jeremy looked at Corinne curiously. He recalled Corinne was certain he was poisoned after he mistakenly consumed the food Sherlyn cooked the last time just by feeling his pulse

Corinne nodded. A little.” 

Jeremy was impressed. You learned it before?” 

Corinne shook her head. Not really. I grew up living in a convent in the countryside. Coincidentally, a nun there knew had a bit of medical knowledge, and she always helped the villagers examine their bodies when they were sick, so I learned a little when I was with her.” 

A convent?Jeremy squeezed his brow. Why were you staying in that place when you were little?” 

Well, my dadCorinne stopped midsentence and paused

She stopped because she recalled Aaron telling her that Marvin was not her biological father, and she had a hard time calling Marvin her father ever since

Well, my stepmom didn’t want me living with them, so they sent me to the countryside to stay with a relative. My cousin didn’t like me either, so they sent me to another family. I was like a hot potato that got kicked around like a soccer ball. No one wanted me, so eventually, everyone decided to donate some money and sent me to the convent in the village. I’ve lived with nuns since I was small,” 

Hearing Corinne tell him about her saddening childhood in a selfdeprecating way made him feel bitter. His chest felt stuffy as he furrowed his eyebrows vehemently

He raised his big hand and stroked her hair like he was petting a little animal. You won’t have to wander from place to place again in the future.” 

Corinne had gotten over it and spread her hand, showing her childhood did not affect her anymore. That’s right. I’m all grown up and independent now. I don’t need anyone to take me in


No one but me has the right to tell me where I stay!” 

Jeremy’s face became sullen. He pinched his glabella

That was not what he meant at all

Sometimes, he felt this little rascal did not have any emotional intelligence


Mister, go do your thing. I’m going to go over thereCorinne was going to wander by herself. Since she was feeling bored, she thought of going to see the brown bear

You’re not going anywhere. Go back to the room and sleep!Jeremy ordered, his voice sounding stern and deep

He reached for the back of her collar and pulled her back to the room by force

When they were back in the room, Annie and Sunny were no longer in the room. Maybe they decided to go fight outside somewhere

Jeremy locked the room to avoid someone else coming to disturb them and went straight to the bathroom to take his shower

Corinne lay down on the bed. Since they were staying outside, she needed to pretend to be a real couple with Jeremy and not sleep in separate bedrooms. Thus, she needed to take possession of the bed first and let Jeremy sleep on the couch

It was a tiring day, and in just mere minutes, she dozed off. She had a longwinding dream



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