The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 235

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 235

Chapter 235 

For some reason, Corinne felt embarrassed and stopped midstretch. She remembered how Jeremy sneakattacked her with a kiss and kept kicking the blankets off

Heh. Not so good,she answered

He probably has no idea the things he did last night because he was sleeping so soundly,she scoffed

Jeremy narrowed his eyes. Is that so? When I woke up this morning, I saw you smiling in your sleep. I thought you must be having a good dream.” 

Corinne’s face reddened. She grew shy as If he had read her mind

Frankly, she did have a nice dream in the later part of the night

Oddly enough, she managed to fall asleep quickly after she stopped Jeremy from kicking the blankets by sleeping on top of him

She dreamt of delicious food, cute little animals, and funny gag performances. It was an entirely different dream from the nightmare she had before. She was very happy in the second dream

Hey, Mister, did anyone tell you it’s rude to stare at people when they’re sleeping?” 


Corinne stretched her lips. Well, now you know. Please maintain a distance when someone is sleeping, and don’t pry.” 

Jeremy buttoned up his shirt calmly and said, I don’t need to pry. I was looking at you for about one minute, and you were drooling. Your saliva reached your ear.” 

Corinne was speechless. F*ck! He’s so annoying!‘ 

She gulped and unconsciously wiped away the saliva mark on her face

Jeremy decided to stop teasing her and said, Alright. It’s time to get up. We can enjoy the morning, and we’re leaving during the afternoon.” 

Oh, okay!” 

Corinne got down from the bed and entered the bathroom to freshen up her unhappy face and tousled hair

A soft glint flashed past Jeremy’s eyes when he saw her resentful expression

It seemed like a pretty nice life if he could wake up to see her drowsy face every morning

After Corinne was ready, she and Jeremy went to the restaurant in the resort to have their breakfast. Zeke and the others were there eating, too

Spotting her, Annie quickly waved her over. Corinne, come sit with me!” 


Corinne wanted to go, but she remembered she was playing husbandandwife with Jeremy, and it did not seem nice for them to sit apart

Jeremy looked down at her and, as though reading her mind, stroked her hair with his big hand. As though he was a guardian, he said, Go.” 

Corinne was thrilled and quickly sat beside Annie

Jeremy watched until she sat down, and he went to his own seat and pulled his chair to sit elegantly

Annie giggled. Corinne, finish your meal quicker. We’re going to fly a kite after we finish our breakfast.” 

Corinne took a sandwich and bit it. “Kite? We’re not riding anymore?” 

Annie rolled her eyes at Rosie, who sat at the far side, and pouted. After what happened yesterday, Zeke and the others won’t allow us girls to ride anymore. Luckily, there are some kites here, and we can fly the kite to kill some time before we head back after lunch.” 

Corinne drank the milk and nodded. Sure. It’s been quite a while since I flew a kite.” 

Me too!remarked Annie. I remember the last time I played was during my senior year in high school. I’m not like a certain someone who hasn’t graduated from his senior year yet.” 

Sunny’s face darkened, and he growled, Hey, watch it, Annie Levine. I didn’t bother you at all today.


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