The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 240

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 240

Chapter 240 

Jeremy did not hesitate as he took the phone from Sunny. He turned and walked out of the room to talk on the phone

Corinne looked back and watched as he walked out. She raised her brow while thinking of something

Zeke, who had gone out to contact the hospital, came in and informed everyone, Don’t worry, the hospital is sending an ambulance over. Rosie will receive treatment soon.” 

Sunny looked worried as he gazed at the unconscious Rosie. Rosie, did you hear that? The ambulance is going to be here soon. It’s going to be fine!” 

However, there was no reaction from Rosie

The doctor went over to check Rosie’s condition and massaged her temple. Only then did she wake up with a grimace

Although she was awake, she looked weak and despairing as if she had lost her desire to live. My leg is done for. Why are you guys trying to save me? Just let me die” 

Rosie, don’t think like that,consoled Sunny. You’re my sister’s best friend! She’s going to be sad seeing you like this.” 

Rosie’s eyes looked more spirited when Sunny mentioned his sister. She then sighed and said sarcastically, Luna is the only 

one who cares about me ” 

Chapter 240 

Sunny said with assurance, Rosie, everyone here cares about you. Am I right, Zeke?” 

Zeke nodded faintly and smiled. That’s right, Rosie. Just relax and listen to the doctor. Get the right treatment for your leg. Once you recover, you can find the best physical therapist to improve your flexibility. We believe you’ll still be the best ballet dancer.” 

Sunny nodded vehemently. Yes. Zeke is right!” 

Despite that, Rosie shook her head weakly. Zeke, you don’t have to comfort me. The doctor already said I’m not going to get my flexibility back.” 

Zeke smiled bitterly. He had no idea what to say anymore since Rosie was in such a negative state of mind

Just then, Tommy knocked on the door and came in

Miss Rosie, after much consideration, my employer decided to temporarily put on hold his investment withdrawal. He’ll make his final decision after the next quarterly financial 

report is released. Please focus on the recovery of your leg, and don’t feel stressed about anything else.” 

Spirit returned to Rosie’s sullen face after hearing the news. Really?” 

Tommy nodded seriously. Yes. My employer has passed his 




Finally, Rosie felt comforted and felt hopeful again. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she felt touched by the news. I knowI know Jeremy still thinks of me as his friend. Tommy, please thank Jeremy on my behalf. Tell him, my family won’t let him down when he receives the next quarterly financial report!” 

Okay. I will,Tommy replied

After that, he turned to glance around the room. Finally, he gazed at Corinne, who had made herself less noticeable by standing in the corner. He approached her and said with respect, Ma’am, please follow me. Mister Jeremy has instructed me to send you and Miss Annie back home.” 

Corinne looked at Tommy and asked calmly, What about him

He’s still on the phone. He has to stay here to accompany Miss Rosie at a person’s request, but he’ll return once Miss 

Rosie receives the necessary treatment. He said you don’t have 

to wait for him.” 

Jeremy was still on the phone


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