The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 241

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 241

Chapter 241 

Is he still talking on the phone with the apple of his eye?‘ 

Corinne knew who Jeremy had received instructions from, since there could not have been anyone else aside from Anya. Postponing the divestment from the Suttons for further observation was undoubtedly done out of courtesy toward her

It made sense and should not come as a surprise

Corinne thought for a moment and said to Tommy, I’ll go with you, but could you wait a moment for me, please?” 

Wait? For what?Tommy looked puzzled. May I ask how long and what for, ma’am?” 

Corinne had a calm look on her face as she replied, Until I settle things with Rosie.” 

Tommy was even more puzzled. He frowned and had a bad feeling, but as soon as he was about to ask in more detail, Corinne walked toward Rosie who was halflying on the bed in an injured state

As soon as Corinne approached them, Sunny stood up 

defensively in front of Rosie to stop her from going any nearer. He asked her, What are you trying to do to Rosie?” 

Corinne had a gentle expression, and her tone was somewhat apologetic. Her sprain isn’t my fault, but technically, I’m somewhat responsible for it too. My pettiness in refusing to 

Chapter 241 


help her fly a kite caused her to fall and break her foot, so I should take responsibility for what happened.” 

Sunny’s vigilant expression eased a little after seeing Corinne come over to admit her mistake. He let his guard down right away and frowned, his feelings conflicting. Well, you don’t need to blame yourself for that. It’s not like you were the sole cause.” 

Indeed, Corinne was hardly responsible for Rosie’s fall, since he did notice that Corinne and Annie were flying a kite in the distance when the fall happened. Moreover, Rosie did do something horrendous to Corinne, so it was understandable for Corinne to show an unwillingness to help Rosie fly a kite

Rosie, however, cursed silently at Sunny for being such a dimwit when she heard him say that. After all, anyone with the slightest bit of IQ could tell that Corinne was up to no good, and the appropriate response would be to have one’s guard up against her ulterior motives

As Rosie thought of that, she deliberately exaggerated the pain on her face and said sarcastically, Forget it, Corinne. You don’t need to feel responsible for my injuries. It’s your right not to help me fly a kite. I don’t blame you at all. I can only blame myself for being unlucky” 

Corinne walked past Sunny to the bed, looked at Rosie’s agonized expression, and insisted, But I have to.” 

Rosie frowned and looked at Corinne defensively. A pitiful look of helplessness appeared on her face as she said, Didn’t I say 


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