The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 242

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 242

Chapter 242 

Corinne looked at Rosie’s injured foot and said, In my opinion, her foot injury isn’t a torn ligament but a sprain that resulted in a misaligned bone. I happen to know a bit of bonesetting techniques that would avoid the need for surgery. Would you like to try restoring your foot to its original state without going under the knife?” 

Rosie sobbed and looked at Corinne. Not a torn ligament? Stop talking nonsense, Corinne! Do you think the doctor’s diagnosis is wrong? Do you honestly expect me to believe the words of a layman rather than a doctor? This is ridiculous!” 

Corinne did not explain much and took a few steps toward the end of the bed to reach out and touch Rosie’s injured ankle. Rosie immediately moved her leg away to prevent Corinne from touching her, and that movement was painful enough that she was sweating from the agony. She warned weakly, Don’t touch me! Come and stop her, Sunny!” 

Sunny snapped back to her senses and immediately came over to stop her. Rosie’s already terrified. Why do you have to make her any more scared than she is now?” 

Corinne saved him before, and he still owed her a favor. As a result, he could understand Corinne’s dislike toward Rosie, but he also had to protect Rosie because she was his sister’s best friend

Corinne looked sternly at Sunny and said, I’m not kidding, Sunny. I do know some bonesetting techniques, and I can make your Rosie run and jump in just a minute! Can’t you give me a chance to make it up to her?” 

Sunny was stunned, and an indescribable feeling that compelled him to believe her appeared in him when he looked into Corinne’s bright eyes. He hesitated for a moment, but eventually turned around to look at Rosie and suggested, Why don’t you give Corinne a chance to help you? She might be able to do it!” 

Rosie was so angry when she heard that and almost fainted as a result. Do you think I’m not miserable enough right now?” 

Sunny had an embarrassed expression. Rosie, I just” 

Corinne was running thin on patience, so she raised her hand to push Sunny. Quit talking nonsense and hold her down! I’m going to do it now!” 

Sunny was pushed two steps forward, and he hesitated for a second before deciding to do as told. He listened to Corinne’s words and pressed down Rosie’s upper body and legs. Corinne then immediately went over and twisted Rosie’s injured ankle

Rosie let out an earpiercing, agonized shriek

Before the others could come forward in time to stop Corinne, she held Rosie’s ankle, twisted it twice, pushed hard, and was done

Everyone was frightened, and they immediately gathered around to check on Rosie’s situation

Corinne stepped back calmly, took out a tissue, and wiped her hands with great caredown to every finger


Sunny helped Rosie up anxiously and asked eagerly, How do you feel? Any better?” 

Rosie nearly fainted from the pain, and she regained her senses immediately before bursting into tears. II can’t feel my foot! Will you be satisfied only after you make me disabled?!” 

She can’t feel her foot?Sunny panicked and glared at Corinne with resentment. You lied to me, Corinne!” 

Corinne ignored him, threw the paper towel that she had just used to wipe her hands, then took out a black fuzzy thing from her pocket and tossed it over to Rosie

Rosie was busy crying when she felt something hit her and was stunned for a moment. As soon as she lowered her head and took a closer look, she screamed in horror and was so terrified that she jumped off the bed to hide behind Sunny. A mouse! Sunny, it’s a mouse! Get rid of it! Aghh!Sunny was startled not by the mouse but by Rosie, who had jumped up all of a sudden.


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