The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 243

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 243

Chapter 243 

Sunny walked over, picked up the black furry lump on the bed, and realized that it was a rather disgustinglooking fake mouse. It’s fine, Rosie! This is fake.” 

What kind of sick hobbies does Corinne have? I can’t believe she carries this sort of thing with her, and she still has the mood to play pranks at such a time! Why would she use that to scare Rosie when Rosie’s foot had gotten numb? Wait a minuteDid Rosie just jump out of bed?!Sunny snapped back to his senses and looked at Rosie in shock. Rosie! Your footIs it alright now?” 

Rosie’s expression froze, and her mind went blank too. That was when she finally realized that she was standing perfectly fine without any help, and she even jumped up seemingly painlessly earlier! D*mn it! I jumped off the bed too swiftly because of that fake mouse, and there’s no way I can keep the charade up anymore!‘ 

The embarrassment and guilty conscience on Rosie’s face disappeared, and she immediately feigned a look of pleasant surprise as she smiled and said, WhoaMy footIt’s healed! This is amazing” 

Though it was excruciatingly painful for Rosie when her ankle had been fiddled with by Corinne, she did not feel any pain at all after the twists and clicks were done. On the contrary, her foot felt quite good at the end of it. Needless to say, she still feigned unconsciousness on purpose because she could not stand to see Corinne receive praise or appreciation from anyone

Alas, she never expected that Corinne would have such an ace up her sleeve and would use a fake mouse to scare her

As a result, she lost her composure right then

Everyone looked at Corinne in amazement, and even the residential ranch doctor had a look of admiration toward Corinne

To try and restore her positive image in everyone’s eyes, Rosie thought for a moment and decided to rush over to Corinne. She then Corinne excitedly and thanked loudly, You do know how to realign a person’s bones, Corinne! You’re so amazing! Thank you so much! I don’t have to worry about my broken foot affecting my dancing anymore!” 

After saying thank you loudly, Rosie leaned on Corinne’s shoulder again and whispered ruthlessly in a voice that only Corinne could hear, You got me good this time, Corinne.” 

Corinne smiled, leaned into her ear, and whispered back, You’re too kind. I’m more than capable of dealing with scheming women like you.” 

Rosie gritted her teeth angrily, and even the fake smile on her face stiffened. Don’t be so smug, Corinne! Do you think you’ve got things going for you if you can provoke Jeremy into divesting from the Suttons? A phone call from Anya is all it takes for Jeremy to change his mind immediately! It’s obvious who’s more important to Jeremy!” 

Corinne said insipidly. Yeah, I know. Your best friend is more important than anyone to him.” 

Rosie snorted. Good that you know your place! That is why you should quit doing all these useless moves to try and seduce Jeremy because everything will be futile in the end! Jeremy only 


has Anya in his heart, and you can’t compare to her at all!” 

Corinne did not seem to share her views. You’re the one who’s pulling all these ridiculous little. schemes, Rosie. I never had any interest in trying to best Anya for being the more important 

person in Jeremy’s heart, but you’re sparing no small effort to make Jeremy hate me, even to the extent of gambling on your career! You’re lucky it was just a sprain. Don’t you think it’d be too high. a price for you to pay if your ligament was broken today?” 

Rosie smiled. I don’t mind putting my career on the line for Anya’s happiness, so what’s it to you?” 

Corinne could not help but sigh. As wicked as Rosie was, her one redeeming factor was her fierce loyalty. Though Corinne did not know Anya personally, she had to admit that Anya was lucky to have made such a goodbest friend who would willingly commit selfsacrifice for her sake


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