The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 245

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 245

Chapter 245 

Did Zekeactually mentioned spanking?! 

Corinne frowned in disgust and pulled the corners of her mouth. Lame!” 

At this moment, Rosie had finished her call with the doctor and turned to see Zeke and Corinne standing together, talking and laughing. They looked harmonious and genial, like old friends who had known each other for many years

This intensified her rejection of Corinne in her heart and her gaze hardened

Although Zeke was usually talkative and playful, he was not as casual with just anyone. In fact, Zeke disliked joking with most of those he deemed insignificant, instead opting for a vicious mouth and concise words

For Corinne to have made Zeke joke with her so enthusiastically…showed that Zeke truly regarded her like kin, a sister

This was not right

If Zeke regarded Corinne as a sister, who was Anya to him

Rosie’s mind raced as she plotted ways to manipulate Corinne and make everyone hate her when all of a sudden, light knocks were heard on the door of the suite

The sound drew everyone’s attention

They saw a female staff of the racecourse standing at the door of the suite, wearing overalls with the words Castle Horse Ranchprinted on her uniform

The staff smiled and had a very respectful and polite attitude. She first bowed to the guests before she walked straight toward Rosie

The staff then handed the checkout slip in her hand to Rosie and said respectfully, Miss Rosie, this is all your expenses at the racecourse this time. Please pay the bill.” 

Rosie was stupefied by this and frowned unhappily. Who told you to come to me for payment?” 

The staff, a little confused, explained, Someone just told our front desk that you need to pay the bill now, Miss Rosie, and that’s why we’re here. If it isn’t good timing now, Miss Rosie, it is also possible for us to instead look for you to settle upon checking out.” 

What? Someone notified the front desk and specifically requested for her to pay

Rosie found this a little odd, so she took the invoice slip from the staff member and looked at it, her eyebrows furrowed

*1800 dollars? How is it this much?! Every time we came here, it was never this expensive!” 

The staff innocently explained, Miss Rosie, the 1800 dollars includes not only the consumption this time but also advanced payments for a reservation.” 

Advanced payments for a reservation? What are you talking about?” 

Yesterday, someone made a reservation in your name for three days at our Castle Horse Ranch 

next month. They also ordered three roasted whole lambs and a lot of dishes, saying that you’ll 

pay for them altogether today.” 

What? Reserved for three days?Rosie looked extremely shocked. I’m sorry, but I don’t know anything about this at all! Go back to whoever made this reservation; I didn’t ask for any of this nor should I pay for it.” 

The staff was a little dazed. But the person promised you’d settle the payments, so we already ordered three of the best lambs from the local herdsmen overnight, as well as a lot of other expensive cooking ingredients and drinks in advance. Miss Rosie, if you unsubscribe now, we’ll be very embarrassed” 

Rosie was incensed. Who on earth asked you to make a reservation? They dare spend a lot of money here under my name?!” 

Corinne said, I made the reservation.” 


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