The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 246

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 246

Chapter 246 

The stupefied Rosie stared at Corinne with a bit of contempt in her eyes. So it was you, Corinne! Are you doing this because you’ll be here for three days in the next month and want to invite everyone over again?” 

Corinne nodded. That’s right. It’s my treat.” 

Rosie laughed sarcastically. That doesn’t make sense, now does it? Why would you ask me to pay for what you’re supposed to be treating? That’s odd.” 

Corinne remained calm and was undeterred

Miss Rosie, did you forget something? You promised yesterday that as long as I can prove that I didn’t put that ear stud in your shoe, you’d pay for all the expenses for everyone that day. What’s wrong? Is Miss Rosie not willing to pay the bill now? Don’t you want to fulfill what you promised?” 

UhRosie was flabbergasted by this

She forgot about that

However, when she promised to pay the bill, she estimated that the consumption of their group would be within a thousand dollars at most

All of a sudden, it raked up to 1800 dollars

This was not an easy sum for anyone, and she could even buy a limited edition designer bag with. that money

Corinne, I promised yesterday that I’d pay for everyone’s expenses for the day, but you booked the venue for next month, which obviously means it’s separate. Those three days aren’t supposed to be totaled to yesterday’s expenses, so it shouldn’t be counted in yesterday’s account, right?” 

Corinne did not answer Rosie directly but instead looked at the staff and said, Hi, may I ask if the things I ordered yesterday will be included in yesterday’s consumption? Is there any problem?” 

The racecourse staff was respectful and truthfully replied, That’s right. The order you booked yesterday, as well as the receipt and the amount entered into the account, are all recorded in yesterday’s account, so it’s reasonable to settle together now. There are no problems here.” 

Rosie looked utterly displeased at the staff’s answer, and she stopped talking

Corinne pursed her lips and smiled at Rosie. I wanted to treat everyone to a big meal yesterday and have a good time, but because of what Miss Rosie had done yesterday, things happened one after another, which disallowed all of us from enjoying ourselves

I haven’t been able to sit and have a good meal all day, so I decided to book a threeday charter for next month, thinking that I’ll compensate everyone at that time. If Miss Rosie isn’t willing to pay for the bill, I’ll do it myself now.” 

With that said, Corinne took out her mobile phone, ready to pay the bill

Of course, she was holding Jeremy’s phone, and if she wanted to pay, she would use his account balance

She had no obligation to spend her money to please these people. Therefore, it was reasonable to spend the man’s money to invite his friends to dinner and entertainment

Rosie froze, adjusted her stance, and smiled reluctantly

Oh, you misunderstood me, Corinne! Why would I not want to pay this little sum of money? You’re right,,I’m half responsible for making everyone unhappy this time. It’s all my fault that I did 

something wrong in a moment of confusion yesterday, and I should invite everyone to come again next month as compensation

By then, Anya will probably be back too! We haven’t seen each other for a long time, so we can get together and catch up! Let me pay the bill now!” 

Although Rosie was willing to pay the bill, she deliberately mentioned Anya’s impending return so as to secretly make Corinne feel bad

However, Corinne did not care at all, and there was even a light, carefree smile on her face.Alright, then. We’ll have Miss Rosie take care of our expenses.” 

Rosie moved to get her bag, took out a bank card from it, and handed it to the staff. Go and swipe the card. There is no password.” 

Understood, Miss Rosie.The staff bowed and accepted the card before exiting to settle the 


At the same time, Rosie smiled brighter and pretended to be generous

It’s honestly not that expensive, Corinne,she remarked. It’s only a few thousand, and for us who spend money like water, it’s just a little sum! You’re probably not used to this level of 

consumption, huh? That’s why you think it’s a waste of money, but it’s really not!” 

The words seemed to be very polite, but indirectly, Corinne was classified as the only poor fellow, the only alien


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