The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 250

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 250

Chapter 250 

Jeremy glanced at Sunny. He stared at Corinne, whose back faced them as she stood outside the suite door not too far away, and merely replied, Nothing.” 

Sunny sighed despondently. My sister always said that she’ll be back soon, but she hasn’t come back after so long! These days when my sister isn’t at home, no one looks after me and instead belittles me….especially my brother. When he sees me, he criticizes me and bullies me all day long!” 

If you want to know when she’ll return, call her yourself and ask.” 

Forget it. It’s better for Anya to rest and to recuperate abroad, and I don’t want to put pressure on her.” 

Jeremy closed his eyes, his gaze indifferent. Since Rosie’s foot is fine, you should look after her. on your sister’s behalf and send her home safely.” 

Sunny nodded obediently. Alright, I understand. Jeremy, where are you going?” 

Jeremy was walking away as he replied, I have something to do at home, so I’ll be taking my leave now.” 

Seeing that Jeremy was about to leave, Rosie chased after him a few steps and called out,Jeremy! Wait, Jeremy!” 

She wanted to stop Jeremy, not wanting him to go with that country bumpkin Corinne. Alas, he did not stop nor look back as he walked away with steady steps

Rosie secretly clenched her fists as a flash of reluctance crossed her eyes

Sunny frowned sadly and muttered, Since you’re okay now, why don’t you call my sister and tell her you’re alright, Rosie? Tell her not to worry about you abroad!” 

Rosie came back to her senses and nodded helplessly. Oh, don’t worry about that, Sunny. I’ll call Anya to talk about it.” 

When Corinne came out of the hotel lobby dragging her suitcase, Tommy had already driven the car the hotel entrance

Annie, too, had packed her luggage and came out with Corinne

The two girls handed their suitcases to Tommy and had him put them in the trunk, and Annie then walked over and opened the backseat door to get in the car. To her surprise, someone else was already inside

The man was leaning lazily on the back of the leather chair with a laptop placed on his long legs wrapped in slacks. He was concentrating on reviewing emails

Annie was baffled. Huh? Uncle Jeremy, Tommy told me that you had something to do and thus wouldn’t be leaving with us. Didn’t you also ask him to send Corinne and me home first?” 

Jeremy glanced at her from the corner of his eyes. It’s alright, I’ll be heading back with you.” 

The man’s deep gaze lightly swept over Annie, paused for a few seconds on Corinne behind her, and turned back to continue looking at the computer

Oh!Annie quickly took a step back and gestured toward Corinne so she would enter first

cordially inviting her elderto have her seat sensibly. Here, Corinne, get in the car!” 

However, Corinne shook her head and replied, You go first.” 

No, you first, dear aunt. You can sit in the middle next to Uncle Jeremy!” 

No. I want to sit by the window so that I can breathe when I get motion sickness.” 

Oh! Oh, I get it. Alright, then!Annie nodded, then got into the car understandingly, and left the seat by the window to Corinne

Jeremy’s eyes fell on the laptop screen that had dimmed gloomily

Motion sickness? She was fine when she came, and he did not see her having any motion sickness

This was clearly an excuse for her not wanting to sit next to him

Nonetheless, the car drove along the winding mountain road

Annie felt rather regretful sitting in the middle because the atmosphere in the car waspainfully awkward

Both her uncle and Corinne did not even exchange words. Jeremy seemed to be the more 

agitated party because for some reason, an ominous aura emanated from himand no one even provoked him

Annie sighed inwardly. She should have gone around to Jeremy’s side and got in the car so that he could sit next to Corinne. Why did she have to sit in the middle?! 

Alas, it was too late for regrets

Corinne wore earphones the whole time, closed her eyes, and rested her mind, ignoring the hustle and bustle of the world

Throughout the twohour drive, she and Jeremy did not say a word.


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