The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 251

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 251

Only Annie would speak a few words with Tommy from time to ease the awkward, cold 


The car arrived at the Levine family mansion, and because Annie was sitting in the middle, Corinne consciously got out of the car to make way for her

Annie got out of the car and asked Corinne and Jeremy if they wanted to head inside for a moment and sit. Both of them declined the invitation unanimously

The difference was only that Jeremy refused directly, and Corinne was a little more hesitant

Annie had no choice but to reluctantly say goodbye to Corinne before she obediently walked back into her home

Corinne got into the car again, still seated near the window as she put on her earphones and continued to close her eyes and rest

The man finally spoke and asked her in a calm tone, What are you listening to?” 

Corinne closed her eyes and simply answered, A song

What song is it?” 

A pop song.” 

Jeremy’s eyes darkened, his jaw tightened, and he stopped talking

Corinne did not open his eyes to look at him either

At the Holdensestate

After arriving home, Corinne went straight back to the room, went into the bathroom to take a shower, changed into home clothes, and prepared to take a good night’s sleep

The past two days have been very unpleasant, and she was very tired

When she came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, Jeremy was sitting on the rattan chair outside the balcony of the room smoking a cigarette

The smoke lingered and drifted with the wind, adding a bit of soft beauty to the man’s cold and handsome side face

Hearing the opening of the bathroom door, Jeremy turned his head and glanced over. Seeing that Corinne was about to go to bed, the man frowned with dignity and said in a deep voice, Dry your hair before going to bed.” 

Oh.Corinne stopped herself from climbing onto the bed and obediently responded as she got up and went back to the bathroom

Soon, the sound of a hair dryer was heard coming from the bathroom

Chapter 351 


Jeremy’s expression darkened. The little rascal obediently obeyed his words, but why did that make him feel even more unhappy

Half an hour later, Corinne dried her hair and came out, ready to go to bed again- 

Come here. Pour me a glass of water,rang the man’s voice again. This time, it sounded rather commanding

Corinne frowned irritably, took a deep breath, then got up and poured a glass of water for him

She placed the glass on the table in front of him before she silently turned away

Before she could leave, however, the man’s rough hand pulled her back by the wrist

Due to inertia and the man’s strength, Corinne was forced to sit on the man’s muscular thigh, his arms wrapped around her waistpreventing her from leaving

She looked at the man, dissatisfied. Mister, what can I do for you?” 

Jeremy narrowed his narrow, long handsome eyes, and he slowly exhaled a thin puff of smoke toward the girl’s small face aloofly. Corinne, what’s up with your attitude?” 

Corinne frowned. Mister, I’m just being obedient to you. Isn’t my attitude good enough? Are you expecting me, even after I gave you a glass of water, to kneel and give you another glass?


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