The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 254

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 254

Chapter 254 

After hanging up the phone, Corinne lazily leaned on the sofa and continued to watch the television as she ate her potato chips

20 minutes later, Annie hastily arrived at the Holdens estate and dragged her into the car, insisting on taking her shopping to buy Jeremy a birthday present

Corinne felt helpless. Why did she need to buy Jeremy a birthday present

She was just an extra, playing the role of his wife with zero pay, yet all of a sudden, she had to give him a gift

No matter how she looked at it, this felt unreasonable

Downtown Commercial Street

In a famous designer store in VK Mall, Annie sat in front of a glass counter, carefully selecting the dazzling array of delicate accessories

Aunt Corinne, what kind of gift do you think Uncle Jeremy will like more?” 

Corinne stood aside and tried on a pair of sunglasses disinterestedly and replied casually while looking in the mirror, I don’t know.” 

Annie frowned and turned to look at her, showing a troubled expression. Aunt Corinne, aren’t you curious about my uncle at all? Don’t you observe his preferences?” 

Corinne’s slender fingers hooked down the sunglasses on her face, and she raised her eyebrows.Why should I observe his preferences? What kind of rare animal is your uncle? Will studying him win the Nobel Prize in Science?” 

Annie was stunned. She had never met a woman who had such a sassy attitude toward her uncle

As expected of you, Aunt Corinne. It’s this kind of indifference that makes people want to conquer you; no wonder Uncle Jeremy can’t stop wanting you!” 

Can’t stop

The corners of Corinne’s lips twitched. When did Mister even want her? Annie just liked to assume the bigger picture

Aunt Corinne, if you’re too lazy to choose a gift, just buy a piece of clothing for Uncle Jeremy. Anyway, as long as you chose and bought it, he’ll surely like it! Oh, that reminds me of a very stylish men’s clothing brand. Let’s go, I’ll take you there!” 

As soon as Corinne took off the sunglasses and put them back, she was dragged away by Annie and into a designerbrand men’s clothing store

Aunt Corinne, what do you think of Uncle’s suit?” 

Looking at the finely tailored highend men’s clothes, Corinne was not impressed at all. She shook her head and said, I think the clothes in his house are similar to these styles, and there are too 

many to wear. He has no shortage of clothes, so he doesn’t need to buy the same style again.” 

Well, Uncle Jeremy definitely has no shortage of clothes to wear, but if you give him the gift, the feeling must be different! Aunt Corinne, it’s your husband’s birthday, and as his wife, you can’t be empty handed, right?” 

Annie’s words reminded Corinne that she was playing the role of Jeremy’s wife, so she still needed to do some superficial work

Well, she should give him a birthday gift casually so as not to be caught by the Holden family

Corinne frowned and suddenly glanced at the billboard that said Clearance Discountin the men’s clothing store opposite for 30 dollars each

Her eyes lit up, and she walked over to pick up a white Tshirt from the discount area. This one


Following her, Annie stared at the rather childishlooking white Tshirt in Corinne’s hand, and the 

corners of her lips twitched

The design of the Tshirt was very simple and common, but there was an endearing little milk cat printed on it, which was way too cute

Aunt Corinne, isn’t thistoo cute? It’s not suitable for a mature man of my uncle’s age, now is it?” 

Corinne disagreed. Your uncle dresses too lifelessly, always in suits and leather shoes, looking. like a serious veteran cadre. This one can just change his style and add some affinity to him!” 

Annie muttered, But this one is, too” 

Corinne did not care whether or not the clothes suited Jeremy’s taste. Anyway, she reciprocated with a gift. Whether he liked it or not was his business

Miss, please wrap this up for me!” 

Okay. Please head to the front cashier to make your payment.” 

Corinne took out 50 dollars from her pocket and bought the discounted Tshirt

She deliberately did not use her mobile phone to pay and took out the cash on her to make payment. After all, she was using Jeremy’s phone at the moment, and that would mean the amount would be deducted from his card if she used the phone to pay

It would be somewhat unethical to use his money to buy a gift meant for him, so Corinne made an exception and used her own money

Receiving the change from the cashier, Corinne slenderly flicked the banknotes with her delicate fingers and said to Annie, The presents are bought! Let’s go, I’ll treat you to a coffee!” 

Annie felt ashamed. It was hard to imagine what kind of expression Jeremy would have when he saw the gift Aunt Corinne bought for him

UU Cafe

Aunt Corinne, I realized that you are very different from other women!remarked Annie as she 

drank her coffee

Corinne sucked a tapioca pearl with the straw in her mouth, chewed slowly, and said casually, Is that so? What’s different?” 

Annie looked at her in amazement. Other women would seize every opportunity to spend their money to please Uncle Jeremy, but you merely bought him a 30dollar tshirt! How is it that you’re able to make him care about you? It’s just too wicked!” 

Mister Jeremycared about her? Did he

Corinne laughed dryly. 30 dollars is also a present. It’s the thought that counts!” 

Annie looked puzzled again. But shouldn’t we all be thinking about how to win our boyfriend’s heart? If you fool him like this, won’t you be afraid that he’ll change his mind?” 

Corinne raised her eyes. Her carefree gaze turned steely as she looked at Annie and spoke to her

Chapter 255 


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