The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 255

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 255

Chapter 255 

In this world, two things can never be grasped. One is time, and the other is a human’s heart. If the other person’s heart is no longer with you, no matter what you do to please them, their heart will never be yours. Why, then, should you spend so much energy doing something so futile? It’s better to do a good job in your own business, improve yourself, and let yourself be the one who 

holds the initiative.” 

Annie was caught offguard, and the confusion in her eyes was replaced with admiration. Aunt Corinne, what you said is so philosophical! I want to learn from you! Don’t fret about men anymore and just focus on your career!” 

Corinne pinched her glabella, fearing that Annie would get the wrong idea and thus patiently explained, That’s not the case. It’s good to fall in love and enrich your emotional life, but remember to never surrender yourself easily, let alone entrust your future to a man, wronging yourself to please a man. Understand?” 

Annie nodded, feeling wholly inspired. Yes, I understand! Thank you for your advice, Aunt Corinne!” 

Corinne did not know if Annie truly understood, so she could only stop talking, lowered her head, and continued to sip her coffee

What could I advise on? I’ve never been in a relationship myself, and I was just talking nonsense based on my feelings

Annie, on the other hand, is an easily impressed girl. I hope my words can give her a little more to think about so that she won’t fall in love so quickly after meeting a man with sweet nothings.‘ 

All of a sudden, her phone rang

Corinne took out her phone and looked at it and realized it was Jeremy’s new number

Well, it was he who gave her the phone in her hand as well as its SIM card, while he went ahead and got a new number for himself

After answering the call, the man’s deep voice rang through the device. Where are you?” 

Corinne sipped coffee and replied, Mister, I’m in a shopping mall in the city center.” 

With who?” 


The man said, Give me a specific location, and I’ll send someone to pick you up.” 

Corinne blinked. Mister, are you back from your business trip?” 

Well, I just got off the plane.” 

Mister, you don’t need to send someone to pick me up. Annie is driving, so she’ll take me home.” 

Jeremy was silent for two seconds before he replied, In that case, both of you come to Lunar Century Manor after shopping. I have something to tell you.” 

Lunar Century Manor? Could it be that the man was going to hold a birthday party for himself


Thinking of meeting his relatives and friends again, Corinne frowned. Can I not go-” 

No!The man seemed to have predicted her intentions and interrupted her almost seamlessly.You must come. I want to see you.” 


Corinne fell silent, but for some reason, her heart skipped a beat

Did Jeremy just say that he wanted to see her

Why did this man, who was always so calm and composed, say so urgently that he wanted to see 


She remembered that he had told her before he went on his business trip that he would have a good talk with her when he came back regarding their relationship

What did Jeremy want to talk about? What about their relationship that needed to be discussed

He was acting strange. Could it be that he wanted to… 

Annie suddenly got close to the phone and said loudly, Don’t worry, Uncle! I’ll bring Corinne to you

As soon as Corinne hung up the phone at work, Annie was on her toes again

Now that we’ve finished giftbuying, you should also buy yourself beautiful clothes, Aunt Corinne! When he comes back from a business trip, you two will be more in love than newlyweds, so you 

have to dress up to see him!” 

A short separation would make them more in love than a newlywed? Corinne was dumbfounded. By the way, why do you carry a camera with you?” 

Annie just took out a professional video camera from her bag and directed it at Corinne. Oh, it’s for a vlog,she replied with an impish smile. I’m recording my daily life and will be posting it on 


The corners of Corinne’s lips twitched. Do you need such professional equipment for video blogging?” 

Well, it has a better resolution!” 


Annie had already predicted what was going to happen today, so she specially prepared the camera in advance. She wanted to record the important moment of Uncle Jeremy confessing to Corinne as a souvenir and as blackmail toward Jeremy when she needed it


Met with Annie’s enthusiastic persistence, Corinne went to a women’s clothing store to try on a creamwhite dress. To match the dress, the sales assistant placed a simple yet exquisite diamond hairpin on her hair

Annie held up the camera and stared at Corinne blankly, Corinne, you look so beautiful!” 

Chapter 255 

Corinne felt that it was a bit pretentious to dress like this and wanted to take it off. Alas, Annie disallowed all attempts

After paying the bill quickly, Annie pulled Corinne away from the shopping mall and drove to Lunar Century Manor 


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