The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 256

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 256

Chapter 256 

Lunar Century Manor

Hastily, Annie gave her car keys to the valet to park her car so she could film Corinne with her phone

Aren’t you supposed to take a video of yourself to record your daily vlog?Corinne felt rather helpless. Why do you keep filming me instead?” 

Annie giggled. That’s because you’re too pretty, and I just can’t help myself!” 

She wanted to film Corinne getting out of the car, when she would then see Jeremy, and the entire process when Jeremy would confess to her. She wanted to make it into a short film that would impress everyone when she would post it on her social media account, wanting everyone to be jealous of them

Corinne was at a loss for words at Annie’s behavior. She massaged her glabella to ease the tension she felt before she decided to ignore Annie and walked into the manor by herself

To enter the manor, people were required to walk past an arch embellished with Moonstones. After she walked past it, a breeze blew at her, carrying a rather fragrant smell

Corinne’s pupils trembled. The view in the manor stunned her

Lunar Century Manor looked different every time she came

At this moment, it was filled with pink tulips that were not there before. They were everywhere, and the flowers swayed as the wind blew them and matched the color of the sunset

Corinne, why did you stop?Annie came after her and was too shocked by the view she saw. Oh, my god! It’s so beautiful!” 

Jeremy truly knew how to impress a girl, especially after he found a girl that he truly liked

Every girl in this world would find this view impressive and enchanting

Corinne snapped out of her trance and narrowed her beautifullooking eyes

It was not tulip season, and Lunar Century Manor used to plant plenty of roses and green plants. Obviously, these tulips were cultivated in the greenhouse. It must have been difficult to have them moved here without ruining them for such a large quantity

Among the flowers, there was a walking path that allowed people to walk through the flowers

Corinne thought about it and walked along the path and had herself surrounded by the flowers

Ecstatic, Annie shot many scenes of the flowers before chasing after Corinne and continued to film her. She could barely wait for the grand finale when her uncle would appear

Being a smart girl, Corinne knew something special was about to happen when she saw this scene and it seemed like she was the main character

Since she and Annie got down from the car, there was no one else except for the valet. It was obvious that someone had cleared the venue

As she walked along the pathway, she saw a man standing at the end… 

It was none other than Jeremy

He stood with his back facing her, dressed in a finely crafted formal suit that perfectly embodied his perfect figure

When he heard footsteps coming from behind, he slowly turned around. His face looked as 

handsome as before

Being roughly less than three feet apart, their eyes met

Corinne’s heart skipped a beat, and she wondered if that was because she had drunk too much 


Jeremy could tell Corinne was nervous. He curled his thin lips and said softly, You’re here.” 

The dumbstruck Corinne nodded. Yeah.” 

At that moment, she noticed a giant pinkcolored gift box between her and Jeremy. It was roughly about the height of an average human’s height with a big ribbon on top… 

Was it a present? Did Jeremy prepare that for her

If that was the case, Corinne realized it was going to be very embarrassing if she gave Jeremy the 

Tshirt she bought for just seven dollars

Jeremy’s gaze softened meaningfully as he walked toward her

Corinne had a gut feeling that Jeremywas about to confess to her

Her heart pounded rapidly, and her mind was in a mess. How was she supposed to react to this sudden change of emotion?! 

Out of the blue, the gift box burst open

Chapter 257 


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