The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 257

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 257

Chapter 257 

Paper confetti flew and scattered on the floor as a thin, welldressed young woman jumped out of the box with colorful butterflies. The sight was surreal and magical

The girl ran toward Jeremy excitedly and buried herself in a hug fondly. Jeremy, I’m finally back! Thank you for preparing this for me; I like it so much. It’s so touching!” 

Corinne froze at the sight as her expression dulled. Suddenly, the butterflies she felt earlierfelt like a joke

Anya had come back

Every pink tulip in Lunar Century Manor was blooming for her. The reason Jeremy had asked her to come here was most likely to inform her that the apple of his eye had returned. Thus, she had to behave when she was acting as his wife to avoid causing misunderstandings with the girl he loved dearly. That must be it

She understood

For a moment there, she truly believed this day was all about her. She thought Jeremy was going confess his love to her

Hilarious. The man told her that he could provide her with anything except for love, did he not? His heart only belonged to the girl he loved dearly

Just like the meaning of the tulip, perfect and deep love

A butterfly flew over and lingered around Corinne as though reminding her that she was a third- wheeler here and that she should leave

Not too far away, Annie was stupefied. She was still holding her phone to film the moment Jeremy was supposed to confess his love to Corinne

She frowned vehemently

Whatthe heck was that? What was Jeremy doing

Why did Anya choose to come back on this particular day

Wait. Where did Corinne go

At this second, Annie realized Corinne was nowhere to be found. She moved her phone around and still could not spot Corinne


She quickly searched for her number and called it. Alas, what only greeted fier was a cold message from the service provided

The number you have dialed is unavailable. Please try again” 

Corinne was gone

Night fell


At the embankment of the Yonder River in the city center… 

This was the busiest area of the New Capital City with numerous skyscrapers. The night views. were spectacular, especially on this particular night

The Century Bank Tower had a large LED advertising panel on the exterior building. Someone. rented the space to put his confession out publicly on repeat

[I love you, An

The same was done with the building next to it, though the wording was different

[Welcome back, My Princess An!

Expensive blue fireworks were released into the sky, and they went out for a very long time. There were also drone performances where it was lined up into a heart with an arrow shooting right through the heart

Many people such as young couples strolling down the Yonder River, tourists, and some passersby who saw this were jealous and curious as they watched the extravagant confession. The only thing they felt was amazed

Oh, wow! I wonder which VIP is confessing his love to his girlfriend.” 

Oh, that’s so sweet!” 

Sweet, yeah, but I can smell the smell of money burning!” 

I heard a mysterious VIP had bought all of the pink tulips cultivated in the greenhouse and had them shipped here to plant in Lunar Century Manor. I bet he’s decorated the venue to confess to 

his loved one.” 

Lunar Century Manor? The confession is made to someone called Princess An. Could it be Anya Rivera? Is she back?” 

Who is Anya Rivera?” 

You don’t know who she is? That’s the second daughter of the Riveras. She’s the luckiest girl! Her grandfather is a worldrenowned scientist, and her grandmother is a princess from another country. Her father is a world champion, and her mother is an awardwinning best actress. Her elder brother is always in the top three of the world’s richest men, and her younger brother is the school hunk. She’s got everything since she was born!” 

That’s not all. She’s very pretty, too!” 

It’s not weird if a man is willing to splurge a large amount of money to confess his love to her, then. I mean, she’s got everything that she wanted from a young age. It’s going to be hard to please her!” 

Corinne sat on the bench of the bund of the Yonder River, enjoying a can of soft drink while looking up in the sky to enjoy the drone performances, blue fireworks, and the cheesy confession on the exterior building

Her eyes looked cold and distant while the corner of her lips quirked upward

What an expensive way to confess one’s love for someone

Jeremy certainly put in a lot of effort to please the girl he loved dearly


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