The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 259

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 259

Chapter 259 

Corinne’s words did not comfort the blind elderly man, alas

Even if they have urgent matters to attend to, it’s still wrong to park the car on the tactile paving. Nowadays, people are only concerned with their own conveniences and refuse to think if their actions will trouble others!” 

The blind elderly man did have a point

Corinne sighed and wanted to assist the blind elderly man to walk past the SUV when all of a sudden, someone shrieked, Hey! What did you guys do?!” 

Corinne looked in the direction of the voice and spotted a young girl with purple hair running toward them angrily, holding a selfie stick

The girl saw the shattered window and immediately snapped crassly, What the f*ck? The heck, you two! Why did you smash my car?” 

Corinne had seen this purplehaired girl when she sat at the embankment of Yonder River, and she figured the girl was an influencer

The purplehaired girl used the lavish confessions at Yonder River as a way to attract viewers by broadcasting them live. She was asking for gifts while chatting with her viewers in a babyish voice

The blind elderly man was infuriated when he heard the girl’s foul words and stopped

Although he could not see, his ears were very sensitive. He thus turned to where he believed the influencer was and asked, So you’re the owner of this car?” 

The girl folded her arms at her chest and answered, Yes. I just bought this SUV, and the price will scare the hell out of you. Seventyfive thousand dollars! And don’t say it wasn’t you who did it. saw what you did from there. You better pay me for the damage you did!” 

The blind elderly man was not afraid. It’s good that you’re here. I’m teaching you a lesson about parking on tactile paving. No matter how expensive the car is, it should be smashed when it’s parked on tactile parking!” 

However, the girl believed in her innocence and thus retaliated. It’s my car. I’ll park anywhere I want to. Who cares whether it’s tactile paving or not? I don’t even know what tactile paving, is! Is this road yours? Who gave you authority over it?” 

The blind elderly man did not expect the influencer to be so unreasonable. He got so worked up that he began panting. Is this howyour parents raised you? Is this how they teach you to treat others?!” 

Worrying about the elderly man’s physical and emotional state, Corinne grabbed the blind elderly man’s arm and stroked his back to help soothe his breathing

After that, she said to the influencer, Please calm down. Regardless of what’s happened, you shouldn’t park here. It’s illegal.” 

The girl scoffed. Illegal?! don’t see any traffic police here issuing a ticket to me. Who do you think you are? Who gives you the right to criticize me?” 

The elderly man could not endure it anymore. He knew Corinne was a kind girl, so he pulled her behind him to avoid getting her involved. He raised his white cane and said to the brash 

influencer, Move your car now, and I’ll let it rest. Otherwise” 

Otherwise, what?The girl held her chin up and rolled her eyes. Who do you think you’re scaring? I’m not moving it! F*ck you, blind old man!” 

This sparked the blind elderly man’s anger. He raised the white cane and wanted to hit the bad- mannered girl with it. Your parents fail to teach you how to be a decent human. I’m going to do the job for them!” 

It happened too suddenly, and Corinne failed to stop the blind elderly man

The girl could see the white cane reaching for her and easily sidestepped it before viciously pushing the old man to the ground

Trying to hit me? Do you know who I am? I’m a popular influencer with over three hundred thousand followers! You have no right to hit me!” 

After witnessing what happened, Corinne hurried over and squatted to help the old man. Sir, are you alright?” 

Luckily, the old man was not hurt. He was however shocked and had trouble breathing

At first, Corinne did not want to get involved in any trouble as she was just passing by, but she could not endure it anymore, knowing how terrible the girl was

She could not face her teacher who had taught her well if she just walked away. She thus looked at the purplehaired girl. That’s enough! Move your car now!” 


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