The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 262

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 262

Chapter 262 

The man looked up at Corinne, who stood beside his grandfather

She had a calm and indifferent expression on her face, a huge contrast when one compared her expression with the shocked expressions on the onlookersfaces. It seemed like she was in her own world

As a matter of fact, she did not look remotely shocked when she saw the man’s outstanding 


Truth be told, Corinne thought of leaving when she knew the elderly man’s family arrived, but she could not find a way out due to the men in black still surrounding them

The man nodded politely at Corinne. Hello.” 

Corinne nodded back. Hello.” 

She was no exception from the other girls when it came to judging a man’s appearance. It was normal that she, too, thought the man in front of him looked very handsome, but at the same time, he looked dangerous

She had a feeling that despite his smile, the man was not genuinely happy or of any sort. In contrast to his handsome and friendly face, she felt like the man could turn out to be a cruel man that she should not get involved with

Far different from Jeremy, Corinne reckoned. Jeremy did not look friendly. From top to bottom, he emitted a dangerous vibe that warned others to steer clear

The man in front of her, on the other hand, looked gentle, yet his attitude felt so indifferent and distant. Nonetheless, he was still very charming and seductive

The man then said, Thank you.” 

You’re welcome,replied Corinne

Such a simple conversation that both Corinne and the man acted indifferently. Coincidentally, neither of them had the intention to continue talking

The elderly man was annoyed with his grandchild when he heard their conversation

Anxiously, he decided to take matters into his own hand as he asked cheerfully, What’s your name, girl? Do you have a boyfriend? What do you think of my eldest grandson? He’s over thirty years old and hasn’t-” 

Grandpa!The man pinched his glabella and smiled bitterly at Corinne. I’m so sorry. The old man is being foolish and says whatever’s in his mind.” 

That’s alright.Corinne smiled understandingly, but she did not want to tell them her name either. Thus, she said, Sir, since your grandson is here, I’ll get going. I have something else to do.” 

After she bid farewell politely, she requested the men dressed in black to move away and walked away neither haughtily nor humbly

The elderly man was disappointed when he knew Corinne had left. What do you think?he asked 


his grandson. Is she pretty?” 

The man raised his brow as he saw Corinne walking away. “Very pretty.” 

The elderly man shorted and said disappointedly, Then why didn’t you ask for her number? l’even took the intiative to hook you up with her!” 

Grandpa, you dont have to worry about my love life.” 

You don’t want me to worry? Bring back a wife, then! When I was your age, your dad was already in school. Look at youThe blind elderly man was not going to give up easily

Grandpa, I know you’re tired. I’m going to have them send you home.” 

Tm not thred. Who told you I’m tired?” 

Men, send my grandfather home.” 

Yes, sit the man’s subordinates obeyed

Corinne had not gone too far before the leader of the men in black came to look for her

Miss, my employer has prepared this check for you as a gratitude for saving his grandfather. You’re free to write down any amount you want.” 

Corinne glanced over at the check faintly and scoffed. A check with a maximum limit of seven hundred fifty thousand dollars, and he asked me to write down any amount I desire?” 

The leader was stunned. Is she saying this is too little?he thought

When the leader regained his senses, Corinne had walked down the stairs and got into Aaron’s pink sports car


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