The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 264

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 264

Chapter 264 

Sky Mirror Residence was situated near Yonder River. There was only one unit per floor, and it was one of the most expensive places to stay in the city center

On the 28th floor… 

Upon entering the unit, Corinne plopped onto the couch as if she was a jellyfish. She was so tired that she wanted to stay there and not move

At that moment, a fluffy creamcoloreda paste color of yellowcat jumped up at her. It nuzzled Corinne with its head, demanding cuddles

That was when Corinne was willing to sit up and cuddle the cat

The cat’s name was Mia. Aaron took it in and raised it when he found it in the countryside. The cat was already eight years old

Mia was a plump cat, and at first glance, people might think Mia had been living the high life since it was a kitten. As a matter of fact, Mia was there when all Corinne, Xante, and Aaron had were leftover meals. It stayed in a humid, tiny basement with them before

Many years later, Mia finally got to live in such a comfortable place and had an endless supply of delicious cat food

Xante was warming the milk in the open kitchen. She looked at the living room. Boss, how come you got enough spare time to come back here today?” 

Corinne sat on the gigantic couch with her legs crossed and was feeling sleepy as she cuddled Mia. I’m on leave today, so I come back here to be with you guys.” 

Xante pushed up her goldframed glasses and took out the warm milk from the kitchen. Caringly, she placed the milk on the coffee table in front of Corinne. Mister Jeremy is nice enough to let you go on leave?” 

Corinne closed her eyes tiringly and said tiredly, No. I think he’s very busy today and won’t have the time to look for me, so I took this chance and gave myself a day off. He won’t know.” 

Truth be told, there was no particular reason. She just did not feel like going back to Holdensestate today, and the feeling was very strong

Aaron, who went back to his room to take a shower, came out and sat on the single couch at the side and said, “Boss, I’m craving your chestnut cake!” 

Xante glared at Aaron as if he was an annoying fly. Are you seriously asking Corinne to bake for you now? She hasn’t been back lately, and now that she’s back, she has to satisfy your dirty mouth?” 

On the other hand, Corinne did not mind. She let go of Mia and let it play with itself. I’m too lazy today. I’ll bake it for you when I wake up tomorrow.” 

Aaron crossed his legs delightfully and shot Xante a provoking look. Did you hear that? That’s the way she pampers me!” 

Chapter 264 

Xante scoffed and wanted so badly to slap him

Nonetheless, she was not surprised that Corinne would somewhat agree. She would spoil Aaron like he was her son. When she was busy, however, she would instruct him like a free worker

All of them had gotten used to this way of getting along

The three of them knew each other during their teenage years, and all of them had miserable fates. They gathered during their difficulties and worked harder together to build their business. That was how they founded Newmoon Group

They did not have to live their life under someone else’s roof anymore

Xante ignored Aaron altogether. She pushed up her glasses and sat to report to Corinne, About the design for the new office building of Holden GroupThey had urged me a couple of times, and I came out with some excuses to stall them. When do you plan on coming out with a preliminary design for them?” 

Corinne picked up the warm milk and took a sip. Within three days. I’ll send the draft to their boss email. After getting their feedback, I’ll discuss the detailed exterior design of the building with them. I’ll deal with them directly, so you won’t have to worry about it in the future.” 

Alright, I get it.Xante nodded. She was rest assured when Corinne had her own plan

Aaron rested his chin on his hand and teased, Hey, boss, isn’t the boss of Holden Group your husband? Why do you need to communicate through email? Isn’t it better to communicate together when you two are in bed? You’ll probably be surprised by it!” 

Her expression hardened instantly upon hearing Aaron’s words. She glared at Aaron and replied, clearly saying every word, Jeremy and I are only married for a short term, and we’ll part ways once the period is up. Stop talking that nonsense!” 

Aaron was startled by this burst, and the same went with Xante. She was shocked by Corinne’s sudden mood change


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