The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 46

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 46

Chapter 46

“I’m coming along, Corinne!” said Annie as she stood up to follow Corinne.

Sunny put his legs up on the seat, deliberately stopping Annie from following Corinne and Rosie, much to Annie’s chagrin.

“Sunny, what’s wrong with you? Move!”

Annie rolled her eyes and said, “Uncle, look at him…”

Jeremy slowly averted his gaze from Corinne’s back and gave Annie and Sunny a cold glance. Instantly, both of them fell silent.

In the washroom.

After Corinne was done, she left the cubicle to go wash her hands.

Rosie, seeing her coming out, went over to pass Corinne her jacket. She sheepishly said, “Corinne, can you please hold on to my jacket? I just realized there’s no hook to hang the jacket.”

Corinne nodded. She drew out some tissues to wipe her hands dry before taking Rosie’s jacket.

After a while, Rosie came out from the cubicle. As she washed her hand, she looked at Corinne apologetically. “Sunny has always been a blabbermouth child since he was a kid. I hope you won’t take it into your heart by what he said just now.”

Corinne raised her eyebrows. “Huh? What did he say?”

Rosie was baffled for a moment by her behavior, but she smiled immediately. “It’s good to know it didn’t bother you. Hey, I didn’t know you had such a good temper.”

Corinne curled up her lips into a smile. “Really? You’re flattering me.”

There was nothing to be upset about when an unimportant person said something that was not important to her at all.

Rosie looked different from the way she dressed up last night in Twilight. Her style was more. casual and daily-looking today. She had a glamorous type of face, and her makeup was very intricate today.

‘She must be the one ‘Road To Success’ mentioned. Because of her, Sunny tripped me yesterday, and I ended up falling onto Mister. But if Rosie likes Jeremy and Jeremy likes her in return too, why didn’t he marry her? I just don’t understand,’ she thought.

Rosie had finished washing her face. When she was reaching for the tissues, she accidentally knocked the tissue box, and it ended up falling into the rubbish bin.

She sighed awkwardly. “Oh no! Those tissues have become dirty. Corinne, can you please hold my jacket for a while longer? My hands are still wet.”

It was not a huge problem for Corinne. “Sure, no problem.”

When Corinne and Rosie were back at the table, Jeremy was not there. Annie and Sunny were still bickering at each other.

Rosie looked around and asked curiously, “Hey, why are you two the only ones left? Where’s Jeremy?”

Annie answered, “It was too noisy, so Uncle Jeremy went out to talk on the phone.”

“Oh, I see!” Rosie looked out the window like she was trying to find where Jeremy was.

On the other hand, Corinne did not care and went back to her seat to continue eating.

After a while, all of them were nearly done, but Jeremy was not back yet. Annie complained about the heat in the restaurant and suggested going out to look for Jeremy.

Everyone agreed with the suggestion and decided to leave the restaurant when…

Rosie, putting on her jacket, reached into her pocket, and her expression contorted. “Oh no, my watch is missing!”

Annie helped to look at the table and also under it. “It’s not on the table or under the table. Rosie, did you remember wrongly? Maybe you didn’t bring it out with you today?”

Rosie shook her head firmly. “No. I’m sure I was wearing it just now. It was in the way when we were having dinner, so I took it off and put it into the pocket of my jacket.

“What should I do…? I don’t mind if it was something else other than that watch. The watch is really important to me. It was the last birthday present my grandfather gave to me before he passed away!”


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