The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 48

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 48

Chapter 48

‘Does that mean Mister suspects I stole the watch like Sunny and the other people, too?’ Corinne thought.

Come to think of it, they were not a real couple; trust never existed between them. Despite feeling a little disappointed, she did not care too much about it.

She shook her head and answered calmly, “I didn’t take it.”

No one could tell what Jeremy was feeling because of his cold expression. He responded calmly,” Alright, then. Let’s go.”

The strong smell of food in the restaurant was making him uncomfortable, and he did not feel like staying for longer.

Sunny was shocked to hear Jeremy saying they were leaving. He frowned vehemently as he found it hard to accept having things ended this way. He swiftly ran over and spread his arms to stop. Jeremy from leaving.

“Jeremy, why are you believing her when she was caught red-handed?”

Jeremy’s long eyes squinted. “The watch didn’t go missing, did it now? What else do you want her to do?”

Sunny stubbornly argued, “But she’s a thief! How could you allow this thief to be with you?”

Jeremy was evidently displeased by Sunny’s words, and his gaze became even more pointed. Who are you calling a thief?”

Sunny’s back stiffened, and all of a sudden, he was afraid to face Jeremy. Regardless of that, he was unwilling to succumb to the fear because he thought he was a righteous person. Stubbornly, he pointed at Corinne. “It’s…her…”

At this point, Jeremy’s face looked borderline cynical. “Say that again.”

Rosie quickly approached them and consoled softly, “Sunny, it’s fine. Don’t dwell on it anymore. Besides, I’m embarrassed that everyone’s upset just because of my watch.”

She took the watch from Sunny’s hand and walked over to Corinne graciously. “Corinne, if you like this watch, I can give it to you.”

She pulled Corinne’s hand and put the watch on Corinne’s wrist. With a bright and friendly smile, she said, “Here, you go. Think of it as a present to commemorate our first meeting.”

Sunny furrowed his eyebrows and said unhappily, “Rosie, why are you giving it to her when she stole it from you?”

She gave him a helpless look. “Sunny, don’t say that. I trust Corinne didn’t do it on purpose!”

Sunny was feeling sorry for her and murmured, “Rosie, you’re too kind.”

Corinne looked down at the watch on her wrist. It was definitely a very exquisite, beautiful feminine watch. There were even a few large diamonds inlaid on the dial.


She smiled joyfully like she had gotten a treasure. While she admired and touched the watch, she looked at Rosie. “Are you sure? Didn’t you say this was the last gift your grandfather gave to your before he passed away? Are you giving me such an important watch?”

Rosie thought Corinne was just like any other commoner who never owned anything expensive, so she smiled. “Of course! Although this watch is very important to me, I’m happy to give it to you. I think we can get along very well. Giving the watch to you is also another commemoration for me!”

Corinne chuckled and raised her eyebrow. “I’ll take your gift, then.”

Sunny loathed Corinne’s attitude and snorted, “Are you seriously accepting it?”

She glanced at him and ignored him. As she waved her hand that had the watch on, she raised her head and asked Jeremy, “Honey, will you buy this watch for me if I like it?”

It caught Jeremy by surprise when Corinne called him her honey. He was quite thrilled with it. His brows lifted, and he looked at her rather pleasantly. “Sure.”

“That’s fantastic!” Corinne nodded satisfyingly. A second later, she took off the watch carefully and …threw it into the soup they did not finish.

Everyone was shocked by her action, especially since that watch was an expensive watch from Clause!

Rosie panicked. “My watch!”

Sunny was infuriated. “Corinne, what did you do?!”

Peacefully as she was, she drew out some tissues to wipe her wrist and every finger that touched the watch like she had touched something disgusting. After that, she threw away the tissues and said to Jeremy, “Honey, you don’t have to buy me a watch anymore. Just help me to pay back. Miss Sutton’s watch to her.”

Without stopping, she turned around and left the restaurant.

Rosie’s friendly facade fell at that moment as she said angrily, “Jeremy, how could Corinne do that?”.

Jeremy looked at Corinne leaving dashingly and felt rather satisfied.

His expression hardened, however, as he turned to look at Rosie. He said, “She’s too childish, Why- don’t you tell Tommy how much the watch is, and he’ll transfer ten times the amount back to you. for the watch.”

Rosie was stunned and hurt. “Jeremy, we’ve known each other for so many years. You know I don’t care about money! The watch means a lot to more. Isn’t Corinne a little too much?”


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