The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 53

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 53

Chapter 53

Therefore, Corinne left the coffee shop with Jason and got into his car.

Somewhere no one was noticing, a flashlight and a click sound from the camera appeared in a


After Jason started the car and drove off, an orange sports car followed them.

“Tail them.”

The one driving the sports car was called Felix, Sunny’s minion. “Sir,” he said, baffled by Sunny’s command, “why are we following Mister Jason?”

Sunny stretched his hand out and smacked Felix from the passenger’s side. “Idiot! Why do you think I’m following Jason? I’m after the woman in his car!”

It was a piece of bad news to Felix. “Sir, don’t tell me you’re in love with Mister Jason’s woman!”

Sunny knocked Felix’s head again. “Bullsh*t! Do you think I’d like that ugly woman? I’m not blind!”

Felix scratched his head in confusion. ‘That woman isn’t ugly at all, though,’ he thought.

When he and Sunny stalked the pair, he noted how beautiful the woman was: pure and cute, just like a little fairy.

Sunny furrowed his eyebrows and leaned back on the seat. With a serious expression, he crossed his arms at his chest. “That ugly woman is Jeremy’s wife, the one he married recently!”

That information only worried Felix even more. “Uhh… Sir, it’s even worse if you’re in love with Mister Jeremy’s woman!”

Ugh! If Felix was not driving, Sunny would have swung his leg and kicked Felix’s head to see if he

had a brain at all.

“Cut that sh*t! I’m trying to reveal that ugly woman’s true colors! I want to show Jeremy what kind of bad person she is and help Rosie be with Jeremy!” Sunny explained.

Felix was helpless. “Sir, Miss Rosie wasn’t allowed to be with Mister Jeremy because of what happened in the past between the two families. It has nothing to do with other people…”

“I don’t care! I’m not allowing the man Rosie likes to be with another woman! Stop talking and drive faster! Don’t lose them!” blustered Sunny.

Sunny could not be bothered to argue with Felix. He took out his phone, selected the photo where Corinne got into Jason’s car, and sent it to Jeremy.

10 minutes passed, and there was no reply from Jeremy.

Sunny was anxious, but he did not dare to call Jeremy. Thus, he called another person.

“Francine? It’s me, Sunny.”

Francine picked up the call curiously. “Oh, hi, Sunny. What’s up? Why did you call me?”

“Francine, I spotted your sister-in-law is having an affair,” he said solemnly. “I’m following her and

her lover now!”

Francine was shocked by what Sunny said. “What?!”

“Corinne is in another man’s car right now. I think they’re going to a hotel! I’m following behind

them, but someone from your family should be here to witness the truth. Can you come over now? “Sunny asked.

“Sunny, are you serious about this? What an awful person Corinne is! How dare she do something like this to my brother? And my grandma was starting to be fond of her, too… Argh! I’m so angry!” hissed Francine.

The conversation continued with Francine telling Sunny how Corinne pushed her head into the toilet bowl and how Corinne acted nice and obedient when her grandma was around. She even included how Corinne tried to sabotage her relationship with her grandma and so on…

Those incidents infuriated Sunny so much that he gritted his teeth vehemently. “That fox is good at acting. Let’s show the world what kind of person Corinne really is!”

Finally, Francie found someone who agreed with her. She was thrilled! “Yes! I’ll definitely go over to help you!”

“Alright. I’ll send you the location later!” Sunny thought for a bit and added, “It’s going to be better if you bring your grandmother with you. That’ll put Corinne’s name on the wall of shame forever!” Francine nodded seriously. “I understand. I’m going to persuade her now!”

Hanging up, Sunny had a sinister smile on his face. ‘Corinne, you better watch out. This is the day you’re handed your death sentence!’ he mused to himself.


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