The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 62

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 62

Chapter 62

Inside the emergency room, the doctor on duty applied a bit of pressure on Corinne’s lower abdomen, asked her if she felt anything locally, and told the nurse to fetch another doctor to feel her pulse.

The elderly doctor frowned after being called over to check on Corinne. He turned to Jeremy, who was standing at one side, and asked, “Has she been taking a lot of supplements recently?”

The hours Jeremy spent at home could be counted on one hand, so he did not know much about Corinne’s diet. Tommy stepped forward and said, “Sir, I was told by the housekeeper that the old lady has recently been cooking all sorts of soup for Miss Corinne, and she’s been eating that for all her meals too. Miss Corinne was even given some of the special millennia-old herbs that the old lady collected. Might this be the cause, perhaps?”

The old doctor shook his head as soon as he heard that. “You’re young and healthy. Why are you taking all these supplements? You’ll get heaty if you eat too much of them, and it’ll only lead to endocrine disorders and early periods. Her nosebleeds and period pains are a sign that her body has been overloaded with the supplements!”

Jeremy’s expression turned sullen. “And how shall we treat her condition?”

The old doctor lowered his head and wrote down a prescription. “Easy! Just stop taking the supplements, and eat some of the painkillers I’ve just prescribed. Remember to drink plenty of water when you get home, and eat as you normally would.”

Tommy took the prescription and went to the dispensary to get the medicine.

Corinne sat up from the hospital bed, stretched her feet, and reached out weakly for her shoes on the ground. When she finally slipped her feet in them, she bent down and stretched out her hands to put them on. Unfortunately, however, she was still unable to complete that action successfully even after trying a few times.

Jeremy narrowed his eyes at her condescendingly and asked with a half-smile, “Do you need my help, buddy?”

Corinne did not raise her head. “No need. I can do it myself…”

Despite her stubbornness, her hands were unable to execute even the slightest movement, and it was as if both hands had gone limp.

Amid her struggle, a muscular yet slender hand stretched out, swatted her clumsy little hand away in disgust, then supported her foot and adjusted the shoe opening slightly before gently lifting the shoe heel so her foot could slip in fully. Then, he picked up another shoe and put it on for her.

Corinne looked up in astonishment and saw the hair crown on Jeremy’s head.

‘Did he somehow realize he had a conscience? Why is he bending to help me put my shoes on all

of a sudden?’

Tommy came back with the medicine and was stunned when he saw Jeremy helping someone else wear shoes. It was truly an astonishing sight!

Jeremy’s hands were firm, yet gentle and careful. He held Corinne’s cold feet and put on her

shoes for her. Her feet were palm-sized, and he wondered if it was her feet that were too small or If his hands were too big.

His gaze turned sullen and he began to lecture her, “Did you eat all those supplements just because Grandma told you to? What are you, a ‘yes-woman’?”

Corinne frowned. “But she’s doing it out of the goodness of her heart! How am I supposed to refuse when she put in so much effort to cook all that soup for me? It’s not like you ever come back home for dinner. If you did, we could share the soup so I don’t have to finish it all by myself!”

Jeremy looked up at her and narrowed his eyes slightly. “Were you hoping that I’d go home for dinner every day?”

Corinne thought for a moment and then shook her head earnestly. “Nah, I don’t think you should come home. It’ll be easier for me to deal with Grandma on my own. If you’re at home, I’d have to show affection to an old man like you, and just thinking about that makes me feel nauseous!” Jeremy’s face sank, and he let go of her feet heavily. “Get up and walk on your own!”

Corinne was taken aback. ‘Why is he so fierce all of a sudden? I’m a sick woman right now!’

After returning to the Holden family home, the old woman looked at Corinne with a guilty face. “It was all my fault. I thought it’d be good for you to eat more supplements, but I didn’t know how. bad of an effect it would have on your periods!”

Corinne leaned against the bed head, smiled, and shook her head to reassure the old lady. “I’m fine, Grandma.”


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