The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 63

The Day I Kissed An Older Man By Cher the Cherished Chapter 63

Chapter 63

“Her face is pale, but she’s still saying that she’s fine!” Pamela felt distressed and nudged her eldest grandson. “Go and massage her belly, Jeremy. Men have higher body temperatures, so massaging her abdomen will help her relieve her period pains!”

Jeremy frowned.

Corinne’s pale face turned stiff. She waved her hands dismissively and said, “Umm… That’s not necessary! I’ve already taken painkillers, Grandma. I feel much better now.”

The old lady did not seem to think that was enough. “It’s precisely because you’re feeling much better now that you have to let him rub your belly more. Maybe it’ll stop hurting completely.”

“Grandma…” Corinne did not know how to refuse, so she glanced at Jeremy in a silent cry for help, hoping that he would say something.

Jeremy looked at her awkward appearance and curled his lips slightly into a smile, saying, “Don’t worry, Grandma. I’ll get someone to bring her a hot water bottle so she can warm her stomach up.”

The old lady, however, was still not happy. “How can a hot water bottle compare with a massage by one’s husband?” She was determined to make the two of them do what they could not bring. themselves to, and the two of them were finding it a little difficult to keep up their charade.

Jeremy and Corinne both exchanged glances at each other, and they both seemed very reluctant.

Keen-eyed as ever, Pamela noticed that something was amiss and asked, “Jeremy, Corinne, why are you two so reserved with each other? You don’t even look intimate at all! It is possible that the two of you haven’t done it yet?”

Corinne was taken aback for a moment, but she smiled right away and said emphatically, “We have! We did it loads of times already, Grandma!”

Jeremy narrowed his eyes, but his lips curled up slightly when he saw her saying such nonsense.” She’s right. Loads of times.”

The old lady frowned. “Since you’re already a married couple, there’s nothing to be ashamed about rubbing her belly. Why are you staring blankly, Jeremy? Hurry up and rub her belly!”

Under her intense gaze, Jeremy walked over, sat beside Corinne, and leaned closer to her while. whispering into her ear, “Sorry about this.” As he said that, his warm hand rubbed her painful lower abdomen.

The abdomen was the softest and most vulnerable part of an animal. As an example, it was only in front of their closest and trusted companions that cats and dogs would lie belly-up to show their acceptance of said companion. That was the sole moment that they did not mind showing their weaknesses.

Since the relationship between her and Jeremy was at most only a step above acquaintances, Corinne’s body tensed up instinctively in discomfort. The strong sense of shame quickly stained her pale face with a blush, but she still brought herself to smile at the old lady.

She watched as her grandson rubbed her granddaughter-in-law’s stomach for some time, and

finally, she asked, “How does it feel, Corinne? Much better?”

Corinne blushed and nodded. “Yes! Definitely! Much better!”

Pamela smiled with satisfaction. “I can see that your little face is a little rosier than before. Looks like it was very useful! Rub her stomach a little more, and don’t go anywhere tonight! Stay with her at home tonight.”

“Don’t worry, Grandma. I will,” Jeremy said with a half-smile.

Pamela gave a few more instructions and went out.

As soon as the old lady went out, Corinne’s tense nerves relaxed, and the warm touch on her abdomen made her face turn red. “Ahem! You don’t need to rub my belly anymore. She’s gone now.”

Jeremy, however, continued to rub his palm on her lower abdomen and cocked an eyebrow at her. “I don’t mind continuing if it helps.”

Corinne was embarrassed. “No thanks.”

Jeremy narrowed his eyes. “Why not? Are you shy?”

Corinne frowned, stared at his handsome face, and said angrily, “Ahem. I’m not!”

Jeremy looked at her mockingly, and nodded, “I see. I guess you weren’t shy either when declared so loudly to Grandma that we did it several times.”


Corinne nearly died of embarrassment. “Mister!”


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